In the UK, radical Islamic hate preachers get police protection while anti-Islamization British patriots get roughed up by the gestapo police

unnamed-2Britain First has released a shocking video showing the police brutality and aggression used against our activists, and contrasts it with the way they treat Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist-supporting Muslim extremists.


Britain First  (h/t Caroline R) The persecution and sabotage of Britain First’s patriotic anti-Islamization movement is proceeding with increased intensity. The latest outrage is the sudden and scandalous closure of their YouTube account, containing up to 50 videos and reaching hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Then, to top the multiple arrests Paul Golding, Britain First leader, has faced for combating Islamic extremism,  deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, confronts hate preacher and terrorist manufacturer Anjem Choudary and finds herself arrested too. 


By all accounts Jayda was assaulted, pushed, verbally abused and manhandled by the Muslim extremists but managed to get in Choudary’s face and tell him he’s not welcome, before the police grabbed her and took her away to a stinking cell.

Jayda Fransen confronts Muslim community
Jayda Fransen confronts Muslim community in person

Unlike other political parties, Britain First is facing a persistent barrage of police, local authority and media hostility.

Here is some of the sabotage and hostility Britain First has faced recently:

– Paul Golding has been arrested no less than 5 times this year and have also been pulled in for questioning on a further occasion.

– Golding is currently the subject of two separate investigations and have a trial coming up on January 5th in which he could be sent to prison.


– Several of these arrests have seen the involvement of “SO15 Counter Terrorism Command”.

– Britain First offices have been raided and equipment seized and taken away, including such innocuous items as dongels and office phones, all intended to shut them down.

– Britain First’s website is subjected constantly to intense and worsening cyber terrorist attacks.

Britain First Fake Story

– In the last 6 weeks, two Britain First HQ office addresses have been closed down.

– Several BF high ranking leadership officials have been subjected to unwarranted and un-welcome visits by Special Branch officials.

– BF leadership officials have received thousands of serious death threats.


– Various media outlets have thrown money at Britain First activists to get them to turncoat and betray us.

– Britain First Conference forcibly closed down by the police half way through.

– The Royal Mail, contrary to electoral law, refuses to distribute Britain First election literature.

Britain First election leaflets like this go undelivered
Britain First election leaflets like this go undelivered

– When Britain First takes to the streets during legal democratic activities the police have blocked their routes and subjected their activists to violence and aggression