MICHIGANISTAN: New Islamic school will turn Muslim children into future Islamic supremacists

logoadvGRAND RAPIDS, MI – The area’s first Islamic grade school aims to open next fall with room for 150 students. Here are three reasons stated for why local Muslims want to open an Islamic school.

Please take photographs of children praying on Friday at the Islamic Society of Baltimore. I spoke to a former president of the Isla

To give young Muslims a school where they can speak freely and openly (about their hatred for the Kuffar)

M Live  “Especially after 9/11, the environment has totally changed for any Muslim to be in this country. What we are looking for is providing an environment for our kids that is free of any intimidation” (because of all the escalating Muslim terrorism throughout the world)

According to its Web site, the foundation was created “to provide a full-time Islamic school to Muslims in greater Grand Rapids area, where children can learn Islamic religion, its culture and values in an Islamic environment. Insha Allah God willing, parents will have a choice to send the children to a public school or Islamic school.”


To sustain and spread the Islamic faith (and its hatred for all other faiths)

“Most of the Muslims who are here have come from other countries. The time will come when you may have a Muslim name, but the knowledge of the faith has waned and you’re part of the American melting pot like everybody else (Allah forbid). It’s a struggle to keep our identity (by not assimilating into America) and teach them our culture and values” (which are superior to American culture and values).


The foundation’s vision: “to instill intellectual, societal and spiritual growth of our students through Islamic-only schooling. The vital involvement of our committed teachers, parents and community members will motivate our students to become devout (fundamentalist) Muslims, self-directed, inspired, generous and compassionate individuals (for Muslims only).


To help young Muslims make sense of their faith and the world (which justifies beheadings of unbelievers, slavery, misogyny, antisemitism, anti-Christianity, forced child marriage, and sex with children)

“There is so much polarization in Islam today. A lot of kids are getting drawn into one faction or another. A goal is to take control of our kids and make sure they don’t get into the wrong hands when they grow up.” (Can’t have them being around those Kuffar Christians and the Jewish sons of pigs and apes too much)


Among the points in the foundation’s mission statement: “to coach our students to practice an integrated life with society at large with the goal of becoming ambassadors for Islam; to instill deeply-rooted Islamic ethics of  (anti-Western) etiquette, tolerance (for all muslims), compassion (for other muslims), harmony (with all muslims), mutual respect and love (for muslims) to prepare students for becoming role models (for muslims); to promote participation in voluntary and extra-curricular activities to develop good citizenship (in the muslim community only).”