NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #130: Muslim bus drivers think dress code rules shouldn’t apply to them

A group of Muslim women in Philadelphia is fighting for the right to wear ankle-length skirts while driving SEPTA buses. SEPTA bus driver Keasha Paulhill was told to change because her skirt stopped at her ankle.


NBC  She was dumbfounded by the request and, with the help of Transport Workers Union 234, filed a grievance. Wearing a shorter skirt or pants violates her religious beliefs.

“Whatever it was that we were supposed to do in our job description, it got done, and I didn’t understand what the problem was,” said Paulhill. In response, SEPTA ultimately revised its uniform policy. It now states that women can wear skirts that are two to four inches below the knee. Paulhill and other Muslim bus drivers say that’s not long enough.


“Our book subscribes that we cover ourselves to where no one can see or reveal our shape. We can’t make adjustments just for a job, but we have been doing that and now we’re just sick of it,” said April Barnes. The discrimination suit now includes more than a half-dozen SEPTA Muslim bus drivers.