Obama arranges for SIX MORE MUSLIM TERRORISTS from Guantanamo Bay to be given sanctuary in Uruguay

Uruguay’s leftist President Jose Mujica agreed to take in the inmates on ‘humanitarian’ grounds in an effort to help Barack Hussein Obama fulfill his promise to close the military prison in Cuba. Under the plan, the men would be treated like any other resident and be allowed to travel freely, according to Mujica. 

Uruguay, a country that welcomed many Nazis after WWII.

The six ugly Muslim terrorists
Five of the six ugly Muslim terrorists who will soon join ISIS

Times of India  After months of delays, “both governments have begun arranging the details of the transfer and the goal is for it to take place in late December,” reported weekly newspaper Busqueda, citing “sources with knowledge of the preparations.”

The six individuals who will come to Uruguay are Tahamatan Mohammed, 35 Palestinian, Abu Wael Dhiab, 43 Syrian, Abd Hadi Faraj, 39 Syrian, Ali al Shabaan, Syrian 32; Ahmed Adnan Ahjam , Syria 36; and a Tunisian whose identity was not revealed.

However, the transfer had appeared to be in jeopardy after outgoing US defence secretary Chuck Hagel reportedly hesitated for months over approving it.  By the time Washington was ready, Uruguay was in the midst of an election campaign to choose Mujica’s successor, making the issue a political hot potato. 

Uruguay'sfar left  President Jose Mujica. (No wonder Obama likes him).
Uruguay’sfar left President Jose Mujica. (No wonder Obama likes him).

But Mujica’s Broad Front (FA) party has now secured its hold on power for another five years with the victory of his ally, former president Tabare Vazquez, in a run-off election Sunday.

Mujica, a former guerrilla who has become something of a celebrity for legalizing marijuana, giving most of his salary to charity and living in a run-down farmhouse, has said he sympathizes with the Guantanamo inmates’ plight because of the 13 years he spent as a political prisoner. 

There are now 142 inmates remaining at the US military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, all of whom, Obama would like to see freed.