STAND WITH EZRA who was forced by a Canadian ‘dhimmi’ judge to pay an avowed anti-semitic Muslim extremist $80,000 for calling him an “anti-semite”

Ezra lost the first round but plans to appeal. Here’s why: “I lost the lawsuit against me brought by Khurrum Awan, the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.” 


You can read the full ruling here.

Stand with Ezra  The judge awarded Awan a whopping $80,000 plus legal costs. I am reviewing the technical aspects of the ruling with my lawyer. But there is something terrifying, buried in this ruling, that I already know I simply must appeal — all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

On paragraph 166 of the decision, the judge ruled that calling Awan an anti-Semite is defamatory, and that’s one of the reasons I lost, and have to pay him so much money.


But Awan was, at one time, the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, an anti-Semitic organization. At the time Awan was its youth president, the CIC was led by a notorious anti-Semite, Mohamed Elmasry. Elmasry famously went on national TV to state that any adult in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorism. The CIC has publicly called for the legalization of anti-Semitic terrorist groups.

Muslim extremist Khurrum Awan
Muslim extremist Khurrum Awan

And yet the judge ruled that it is defamatory to call the former youth president of an anti-Semitic organization, anti-Semitic. Because he denied it in court, and said he never knew about his organization’s infamous misconduct.


If this ruling is allowed to stand, it will hinder anyone who campaigns against anti-Semitism — any Jewish group, any pro-Israel group, even anyone who criticizes radical Islam. This ruling doesn’t just affect my rights. It’s a setback for freedom for everyone.

If you share my belief that we cannot let this ruling stand please help me appeal this case now, by clicking here to contribute to my legal costs.

Yours gratefully,

Ezra Levant