Widow of David Haines, British aid worker beheaded by ISIS, accuses the Islamic State terrorists of being “cowards” and “monsters”

At least she didn’t praise Islam and say the “Muslim faith is not to blame” as David’s brother did shortly after his brutal murder.


Infobae  In interview with Sky News, Dragana Haines, confessed that he was unable to see the full video of the murder committed by the Islamic State, but considered “cowardly” decapitate someone who “kneeling” and “has its hands tied back. “

“Islamic Jihadists think they are brave, but that’s not courage. It is a cowardly act decapitate someone with their hands tied behind their backs and kneeling,” said the widow. In her opinion, cowardice is “decapitate someone who is helpless,” an act that can not commit “human being” but “a monster or something,” he said.

David Haines, 44, was a military engineer who left the Royal Air Force (RAF) to devote fifteen years since the humanitarian cooperation. Father of a teenager from a previous relationship, Haines was married since 2010 to his second wife, Dragana, of Croatian origin, whom he met during his work in the Balkans and with whom he had a child of four years.