KUDOS TO KENYA! Using ‘extrajudicial assassinations’ to eliminate suspected Muslim terrorists


Kenya has been in the crosshairs of the transnational jihadi movement. In the past, the fact that Kenya was seen as being firmly in the western sphere of influence made Kenya a target, with most of the incidents, including the 1998 US embassy attack, targeting western interests. Kenya’s Muslim population is only 11% but the cause of much unrest in the country.

Al-Jazeera  (h/t Guy I) However, after Kenya’s intervention in Somalia in 2011, the country itself become a target. Islamic errorism activity in Kenya reached a peak with the attack on the Westgate shopping mall in September 2013, when unidentified gunmen killed 67 people and injured almost 200 others. 

THIS IS WHY: Dec. 2, 2014: Bodies of Kenyans lie at a quarry in Mandera County, Kenya. Kenya police said that at least 36 quarry workers were killed in an attack in northern Kenya by suspected Islamic extremists from Somalia who targeted non-Muslim workers.

THIS IS WHY: Dec. 2, 2014: Bodies of Kenyans lie at a quarry in Mandera County, Kenya. Kenya police said that at least 36 quarry workers were killed in an attack in northern Kenya by suspected Islamic extremists from Somalia who targeted non-Muslim workers, just as they did on non-Muslim bus passengers earlier this year.

As a response to the growing terrorism threat, the Kenyan government created the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) in March 2003, following the 2002 attack on an Israeli-owned Mombasa hotel. This was also accompanied by the passage of Anti-Terrorism Act in 2012. As part of the wider counterterrorism effort, the government also began a huge crackdown  on the Somali and Muslim communities especially in Nairobi, parts of Northern Kenya and coastal Kenya.  

As the crackdown intensified, a number of extrajudicial killings of Muslim preachers took place, some in the coastal city of Mombasa. Most of the victims were suspected of having connections with Somalia’s al-Shabab group. 

Dead Muslim terrorist

Dead Muslim terrorist suspect, killed by Kenyan police

While in almost all the cases the police deny culpability, research by human rights organisations reveals the ATPU’s involvement. In its August 2014 report, “Kenya: Killings, disappearance by anti-terror police,” HRW  points to ” …evidence of at least 10 cases of extrajudicial killings of terrorism suspects, some of whom were last seen in ATPU custody or had been threatened by the unit’s officers after courts had released them”. 

The Kenyan government has accused some of the clerics who were killed of recruiting Muslim youth for terrorism activities through their mosques. However, despite initiating investigations against them, the government never followed through to prosecute the imams. 


After public outcry over the killing of Muslim cleric Ibrahim “Rogo” Omar, the government set up a task force to investigate his murder. The director of public prosecution promised in 2013 that he will institute an inquest, but has not done so yet. 

One of the commissions established following the 2007-2008 violence to look at the role of the police, was the Waki Commission. Established to look into the circumstances and facts surrounding the violence and provide recommendations, the Waki Commission found that of the 1,500 deaths, the police was responsible for more than 30 percent  of them. 


As a result several reform measures were proposed including the establishment of a civilian oversight of the police, and many other reforms. However, due to lack of political will, the police reforms have stalled. 

The extrajudicial killings by the police in Kenya are anchored in a systemic lack of accountability and deeply entrenched culture of pervasive impunity. While the police undoubtedly face ever changing security challenges, its involvement in extrajudicial killings make matters worse. Effective security sector reform is the only way forward. 


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  1. The muslims complain about being oppressed and killed in Kenya; that is what they are doing to all non-muslims everywhere in the world. Those who live by the sword will perish by the sword. This is justice at its finest. May they all die before they kill everyone else!!

  2. ISIS,etc are so used to fighting Western armies who must obey numerous Geneva laws on warfare. When they come across an army that uses the same savage methods that they use they immediately start crying and asking for their lawyers. Did that bearded ape who was lying in the puddles of his own blood gain access to paradise? Maybe that’s what pisses them off because it becomes somewhat vague on the issue of the 72,when an assassin walks up behind you and shoots you. After all you weren’t TECHNICALLY fighting for allah when you died!? 🙂

  3. The Kenyan Security Services are following the methods of the Shariaist Islamic Jihadis and this article condemns them as do the Shariaist Islamic supporters BECAUSE THESE METHODS WORK! The Christians of Kenya do not wish to end up like the Christians of Nigeria! If the situation in Nigeria teaches us anything, it is that Christians cannot submit to Shariaist Islamic authorities Dhimmitude!
    The government of Kenya told off OneBigAwfulMistakeAmerica whose claimed Islamic tribal patrimony’s people there supported the Mau-Mau Rebellion that butchered Kenyan Christians and the British wounded in a hospital in the early 1950’s! The OBAMA wishes AIDS upon the Christians which would only serve to make the Shariaist Islamics stronger and a larger percentage of the population left over after the Christians would die of AIDS! Interesting that OBAMA’s claimed policies of tolerance would have that practical effect in Kenya if carried out!
    The Christians of Africa were largely done in by the western powers especially that of the US under Secretary of State John Foster Dulles who pressured our WWII allies to turn their backs on their Christian tribal allies in order to cater to the Shariaist Islamics who aligned with communists for awhile to extort US support because we kept falling for it! US oil companies figured the Shariaist Islamic governments would give them a better price than the British and French who were modernizing Africa until the Shariaists nationalized their oil companies, organizing OPEC! Like the communists, we shortsightedly sold the Shariaist Islamics the rope to hang many Christian Africans with on the front end with us as the larger target! The Christians of Kenya were fortunate and thanks to the Mau-Mau uprising learned early on quickly and due to numerical advantage were able to establish a firm grip on power.
    Kenya has little oil so the US oil companies were not a factor in deciding who should rule the country. It is only by learning from past mistakes, that we can make wise decisions in the future and the Kenyan Christians have learned very well! They have responded to the challenge by the Shariaist Islamics the only way history shows works with overwhelming force and tactical strikes!

  4. Why did the guys involved in this agree to be interviewed? I woulda kept silent, never admitting anything. Period.
    Ya just never know what the future might hold…

    But I think Kenya has it right…Kill them before they kill you. I wish we weren’t such pc pussies in the West…

  5. No one is to blame but Islam!
    Islam is the problem!
    Good on ya Kenya for getting rid of these vile vermin called Muslims!

  6. Being right next door to Somalia means that Kenya knows they have to match fire with fire in order to keep their country even remotely stabilized. God forbid they go down the pathway of Nigeria, with a 50/50 even split between Christians and Muslims. We all know how well that’s turning out for the poor Nigerian Christians. 11% you still have the upper hand, but with Somalia beside them, I’m not sure Kenya will ever truly be safe. Perhaps they know that, which is why they’re stepping up their game now.

    Regardless, keep it up, Kenya.

  7. OMG, I feel no empathy for these animals! What have they done to me? The killing and animalistic behaviors of these animals have succeeded to strip me of my humanity! Sickening! I am a Christian but I am not a coward! I say kill them all and send them to hell! Good job taking care of your country! Poor little persecuted little animals had it made but just couldn’t live with us normal people! They had to push their murderous agenda until they drove us over the edge and made us defend ourselves! Kudos to the people getting the job done!

  8. Kenya could be the star of Africa , Israel knows this there is no other Nation in the world they need as a teacher , poverty and lack of opportunity breeds muslims and a look at their world from the ground level of the muslim view in this clip they have rich breeding ground , Show me a Kenyan with a car in his driveway and three squares a day on his table and Islam is a cuss word . Israel knows that and can teach them how to get that after the year of the Gun

  9. If you are killed in a quarry …. does that qualify as a “stoning” …. or death by a mine …. or getting the shaft ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Database World Tour

  10. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work , no need for lawyers to get in the way and dickhead judges interfering .

    Bang , the sight of blood on a white bedsheet with a abb -dill in it is refreshing , when the abb-dill is dead .

    Only thing missing is a pig skin , wrapped around D.E.D. abb- dill .

  11. Sounds like a plan to me! They’re not terrorism suspects for nothing. Deport all the muzzturds, any that come back can be deemed as terrorists & shot on sight.
    The only thing moslems understand is sheer unadulterated brutality – that gets their respect. Remember they are merciful to them selves but harsh with unbelievers.
    Ain’t Karma a bitch?

  12. Kenya obviously isn’t as far down the sophisticated PC rabbit-hole as we are. Desperate times call for desperate measures, starting with the mosques and madrassas. Aim small, miss small. We will either resort to the same strategy, or perish. Muslims are Borg. Resistance is essential.

  13. Nothing warns the heart more than to see a piece of Islamic slime lying in a pool of his own blood.

    Keep up the good work, Kenya!