NEW JERSEY: Muslim baghead charged with sexually abusing yet another teen

Muslim convert, Linda Hardan, a substitute teacher, was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation following new charges that she sexually abused a 14-year-old boy. Those allegations follow claims she sexually assaulted a 16-year-old and sent sexually explicit photos to another 16-year-old.


NY Daily News (h/t Rob E)  A Paterson judge ordered Linda Hardan, to undergo a psychological evaluation Tuesday after the number of students suspected of having been victimized by her grew to three, the North Jersey Record reported. The latest addition of an eighth-grade Haledon student, revealed Monday, follows another 16-year-old having received sexually explicit photos from her, prosecutors said.

The former Passaic County science teacher pleaded not guilty to the new charges of aggravated assault, sexual assault and child endangerment. She had been out on $200,000 bail after her Nov. 21 arrest, but was re-arrested on Friday. She is now being held on $300,000 bond, Passaic County Jail records show.


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      • Has the baghead already been fired? But why? She thought women enjoyed equal rights as men in PISS-lam and she was only trying to follow in the footsteps of MO, their ultra holy prophet (*pbuh) in whom is ALL sin.

        *piss be upon him

  1. I thought quoran gives only men to practice their sexual perversion. Probably they are allowing it for the newly converted women too, so that more women perverts are attracted towards islam. It is no surprise if such retarded sick brains are getting converted to the monosterous cult islam. islam is a cult for perverts.

  2. ………… a 14 year old boy???? In Canada, what she did is statutory rape and she would already be in jail. Unfortunately, what has been seen cannot be unseen. I’ll bet that poor kid has screaming nightmares for years!

  3. If she is so horny, why in the world did she convert to Islam, which outwardly suppresses sexual activity, especially for women?

    If she is not married and having sex with married or unmarried men, she is violating Islamic rules, and she would be stoned to death under Al Sharia or at least severely flogged. Men in Islam can get away with a lot more than women can.

  4. it used to be that families had their “weirdo” relation (every family seemed to have one), sent to a convent or hide them with priests. NOW, those weirdo relations can also convert to Islam. These sad, lonely people are given a lot attention and flattery from Muslims. They are led to believe that they are accepted, and “normal”, just the way that they are. It’s like a trap. Use an attractive bait (flattery) – and SNAP!, you have them.

  5. Sexually explicit photos…of HER? Wonder if she doffed the head-bag? That would likely drive Ibrahim Hooper wild with desire. But, a normal 16 year-old kid? He could sue her for emotional distress and psychological trauma–with or without the bag!

  6. Man, she just looks freaking weird! You can tell by her eyes that she is not normal in the head. I mean…she had to be, to become a Muslim, right!

  7. I’ve always said it. New converts have social problems. Either they have difficulty making friends and keeping them, or they can’t find or keep a sexual partner.