OHIO: A burqa bandit strikes again

UnknownIt’s the perfect disguise for all kinds of criminal acts. Yet we wouldn’t think about banning burqas in America because we are afraid of insulting Muslim sensibilities. Notice how the TV reporters never use the word “Muslim” in this story.

Local12  (h/t Nelson A) A gun-toting, burqa-clad bank robber picks an unusual (increasingly popular) disguise during a holdup; a burqa, traditionally worn by (MUSLIM) women.


 Although the suspect was wearing a (MUSLIM) burqa, witnesses were able to get a look at his face. Investigators hope that, along with video from inside the building, leads them to a suspect. 

A man wearing an outfit traditionally worn by (MUSLIM) women walked into Kroger in Woodlawn Tuesday morning. There’s a Fifth Third Bank branch inside the Kroger. Witnesses said, at around 10a.m. the man held up the bank with a silver revolver.  Asst. Chief Aaron Tillman of the Woodlawn police dept. said, “It was reported that the individual entered into the bank and was in the back of the bank area where only employees are authorized to be and demanded money and brandished a weapon.” 


Police said the man got in through a back door just as the bank was opening. Although he was wearing a (MUSLIM) burqa, witnesses said the man was African-American, about 6 feet tall, and with a slender build. They also describe the robber as having a facial tattoo.  Witnesses saw him run from the back of the store. Investigators are combing through surveillance video for clues. 

“The subject was seen shopping in the store earlier by one of the store managers who was actually made contact with him and then it was later told to us that, that was the same individual that was involved in the robbery,” said Tillman. Police said the man was also carrying a bag for the cash. No one was hurt during the robbery.