STUPID STUPID STUPID leftist Aussies – offering free rides to Muslims who are afraid of “racist” backlash

stupidityAFTER a volatile day at both Martin Place and on social media, there are fears that Muslims could be targeted on our streets. However a heartwarming idiotic hashtag has emerged on Twitter tonight, with hundreds of Australians offering to accompany Muslims to work tomorrow in case they don’t feel safe.

(The people who give muslims a ride should be targeted for a backlash. Happy to see there are a lot more sane Aussies among the Twitterers who are lashing back at the #IllRideWithYou morons)

The Australian  The hashtag #illridewithyou has begun trending on Twitter, with commuters volunteering to travel on buses and trains on transport networks across the nation’s capital cities. Some offered to take the train or bus with worried Muslim companions, while others offered to give them a lift in their cars.

The hashtag is being widely praised as a way of combating racism and bringing Australians together. (WHAT ‘RACE’ IS ISLAM?)