EXCELLENT: Egyptian American in Egyptian jail on terrorism charges who has been on a hunger strike for 324 days is finally on death’s door

He was pretty fat to start with, which is why it’s taking him so long to die. Kudos to the Egyptians for not caving to pressure from the US government to release this Muslim Brotherhood terrorist thug.

Mohamed Soltan, on hunger strike for 250+ days, has court session 2moro. He cannot stand and bleeds from mouth & nose
Mohamed Soltan, after he had been on hunger strike for 250+ days. He cannot stand and bleeds from mouth & nose

Ahram  Egyptian-American hunger striker Mohamed Soltan has been transferred to Qasr Al-Aini hospital from jail due to his deteriorating health over the past ten days, reported his family on Tuesday.  

Soltan’s family reported that the health of 27-year-old deteriorated badly in the past ten days after he rejected medication and treatment in the prison hospital due to the prison authorities’ decision to transfer his father, Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Salah Soltan, from Tora prison to the high security El-Akrab prison.  His family also reported that Mohamed Soltan was protesting what he described as mistreatment by the prison administration. 


Freedom for the Brave — a grassroots movement organising for the release of Egyptian political detainees — reported on its official Facebook page that he had returned to the prison hospital after a short time in Kasr Al-Aini hospital.  Soltan has been on a hunger strike for 324 days demanding his release.

Mohamed Soltan is currently detained pending a trial with other 50 others, including Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and his father,  Salah Soltan, on chargers of setting up an operations room after the violent dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya protest camp in Cairo in August 2013.

One can only hope
One can only hope