SWEDEN: Two car bombs, likely the work of Muslims, shake up the southern city of Malmo, known for its heavy infestation of Muslim immigrants

Swedish police say two car bombs have shattered dozens of windows in a multiethnic district of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city. 

Sweden Explosions-1 Times of India (h/t Sujith)  Police spokeswoman Linda Pleym says no one was injured by Saturday’s pre-dawn explosions in Rosengaard, a district dominated by Muslim immigrants from Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia and Lebanon. One car bomb exploded at the foot of a building, the other in a parking lot nearby.  It was unclear who was behind the two explosions and if they were connected. No arrests were immediately made. 

The blasts were the latest in a series that has rocked the southern Sweden city in recent months. Earlier this year, a downtown building that houses a court house, police and prosecution offices and a detention center was twice targeted. No one was injured.

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