SWITZERLAND: First they banned minarets, now they want to ban burqas

When will they ban Islam and Muslim immigration?


Swiss Info  A large majority of citizens is apparently in favour of introducing a nationwide ban on burqas for Moslem women in Switzerland according to an opinion poll. More than 60% of respondents said they would outlaw the Muslim religious garment in public spaces, says a survey by the Léger Switzerland polling institute.

The SonntagsBlick newspaper says people of all age groups and both in the German- as well as in the French-speaking parts of the country would vote for a ban. About one in three respondents are apparently against it.


A member of the rightwing Swiss People’s Party is planning to launch a campaign next year for a nationwide vote on the issue. Last year, a two-third majority of voters in Italian-speaking Ticino – one of 26 Swiss cantons – agreed a public ban in the southern Swiss region. But the decision is pending approval by the federal authorities.

Five years ago, a People’s Party committee won a nationwide vote banning the construction of new minarets in Switzerland, prompting a political upset.

Courageous Swiss Parliament member Oskar Freisinger, who one day, hopefully, will be prime minister.



























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  1. Here you can see Official criminal rates in Switzerland by country.
    Swiss People 1-Angola 6,3 higher!

    1. Angola 6.3
    2. Nigeria 6.2
    3. Algerien 6.0
    4. Côte d’Ivoire 5.9
    5. DomRep 5.8
    6. Sri Lanka 4.7
    7. Kongo (Kinshasa) 4.7
    8. Kamerun 4.4
    9. Marikko 4.3
    10. Tunesien 4.2
    11. Irak 3.7
    12. Kolumbien 3.2
    13. Türkei 3.2
    14. Serbien, Mngr, Kosovo 3.1
    15. Brasilien 3.0
    16. Ägypten 2.7
    17. Kroatien 2.4
    18. Bosnien/Herzeg. 2.3
    19. Mazedonien 2.3
    20. Durchschnitt Ausländer 1.6
    21. Portugal 1.3
    22. Italien 1.2
    23. Schweiz 1.0
    24. Österreich 0.8
    25. Frankreich 0.7
    26. Deutschland 0.6


  2. Another great reason why Switzerland should never join the EU. If they were to do that, they would be forced to keep taking in large numbers of muslims. At least the Swiss still have some influence on the future of their country. EU-member states have lost that right long ago without having to say a damn thing about it.

  3. They should broaden the ban to face coverings. Otherwise, the Swiss might start seeing a bunch of surgical masks on the streets. Supremacists practically stop at nothing to impose their will.

  4. There have been great orators in the past, with an innate ability to sway a crowd, (Hitler was one) but for the present, IMHO Oskar Freisinger stands as the greatest orator of our time.

    BTW, it’s a personal opinion but I think both he and Hitler are/were aided by speaking in German, which is a language particularly suited to oratory.

  5. A lot of muslims in Switzerland. Wealthy ones also. Let’s hope it works. They have France as a precedent. Tomorrow evening, another Pegida march in Germany.

  6. Jews for Germany …. this is a great opportunity for the German folks …. to regain the admiration of all humanity …. if they can rid us of the Muslim problem …. this will get my pardon …. for the Hitler thing ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Never Forget But Give People A Chance To Redeem Themselves And Be Forgiven World Tour

  7. Good news! Hopefully they’ll come to the realization SOON that they need to deport Muslims, before it’s too late.

  8. Fuck , why should there be any need to comment ?

    Once you had to be meeting a lot of criteria to settle Switzerland , now it is an open go ? That is so disgusting .

    abb-dull donkey rooters in such a pristine place ? Gives you the creeps .

    Every Swiss male has military guns , shoot the cockroaches .

  9. Makes sense. Stop the Muslim take over of the West. You sure can’t be Western in Saudi Arabia or any of the other Islamic shitholes. And Turkey is proof that Islam will not share well.