Update on the two car bombs set off in a Muslim area of Sweden in which Swedes are now a minority

safe_image.php_-300x225The first bomb was detonated at the foot of a building in a non-Swedish, predominantly Muslim area of Malmo. The second in a parking lot nearby. The bombings seem to be related to a series that have recently rocked the city over the last several months. One in February targeted the same exact same building.

All this only months after Swedish were reported to be minorities in the city for the first time.


NYF Sweden’s insane Muslim immigration policies have led the country from being a highly homogenous and to some a socialist utopia to an ethnically fractured, dysfunctional society within only several decades. For years there have been race riots exploding in the streets of Sweden, leading to the rise of the anti-Islamization party, the Nationalist Swedish Democrats.


The trend of massive immigration into all and only Western countries by belligerent and out-of-touch elites who dismiss their constituants on this issue is leading towards social collapse throughout the Western world. Our inheritance is being given away to hostile people, who are in many cases incompatible with Western society. In their cowardice and laziness, our parent’s generation have refused to speak up on our behalf. It is time for us to take to the streets and make our voices heard.

h/t Vlad Tepes