AUSTRALIA: Counter-terrorism police arrest two Muslims in connection with a planned terror attack

Federal and state government entities in Sydney have been named as potential terror targets in documents seized during an AFP investigation which saw two Muslims arrested, one known for his support of ISIS. 

Sulaymin Khalid (Abu Bakr), wearing a shirt adorned with an ISIS patch, says the Canadian government should stop "picking on Muslims"
Sulaymin Khalid (Abu Bakr), wearing a shirt adorned with a flag of jihad patch, says the Canadian government should stop “picking on Muslims”

ABC  Federal police claimed they seized documents from the home of Sulayman Khalid (also known as Abu Bakr) during raids last week that detailed potential government terror targets. Sulayman Khalid, 20, from Regent’s Park was charged with possession of documents designed to facilitate a terrorist attack, while a 21-year-old man from Marsfield was charged with breaching a control order.

Khalid attracted media attention when he stormed off the set of SBS’s Insight program earlier this year during a forum on Australians being drawn into foreign wars in Iraq and Syria.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Tuesday warned of a heightened level of “terrorist chatter” in the aftermath of the Martin Place siege and reminded Australians that the national terrorism alert level remained on “high”, which means an attack is “likely”. 

But the deputy chairman of Parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, Anthony Byrne, said the terror alert level should be raised. “On the basis of recent events both here in Australia and overseas, and provided information that the Prime Minister spoke about was sound and accurate, there is a strong case to raise the terror threat to extreme as quickly as possible,” he told Fairfax media.