CANADA: Muslim man arrested for making terrorist threats against Montreal police

Jeffrey Mohammed Labelle, a 21-year-old Muslim convert, has been arraigned on terrorism-related charges after threatening to attack four police Montreal police precincts.

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Jeffrey Mohammed Labelle
Jeffrey Mohammed Labelle

SUN News  He had been arrested on Friday after the discovery of handwritten notes specifying which precincts would be attacked. The threat came just two days after two police officers in New York City were murdered in their squad car by a gunman. Those deaths have given a greater sense of urgency to ensuring police here in Canada stay safe, according to Yves Francoeur, head of the Montreal police union.

According to Labelle’s grandmother, he was not dangerous. “He wasn’t that kind of boy,” Sylvie Labelle told TVA. “When he converted, he found inner peace.” The grandmother did note that Labelle carried a machete, but said she believed it was to protect his mother from a violent person. (Like her son?)