CHRISTMAS in ‘muslicultural’ France means 1,000 armed soldiers in French cities to protect citizens against potential Muslim terrorist attacks

images-1More than 1,000 armed soldiers have been deployed onto the streets of France after a spate of Islamic terrorist attacks across the nation have left many French citizens critical of the government’s denialism, and fearful of increasing violence.


Breitbart  The move stands in contrast to the official line of the French government that the attacks, in which the assailants were reported in all cases to have shouted the Arabic salutation “Allahu Akbar” as they commenced their rampages, had nothing to do with terrorism, and were completely unrelated. The government has come under fire from opposition parties for its denial of a terrorism link, with French social media users reportedly cheering on the straight-talking rejection by the Front National (FN).

The Times reports the comments of FN deputy leader Florian Philippot which have apparently got social media users excited: “This is obviously terrorism… I wish they would stop playing politics and ideology, telling us that there are systematically isolated acts by disturbed people”. France has the largest Muslim population of any Western European nation, and the FN believes the government is reluctant to say anything that could antagonise the millions of Muslims settled in the country.


Many of the large, suburban communities are known for their exceptional violence during the new year celebrations, indulging in mass car-burnings and rioting are predominantly Muslim. The French government euphemistically designates these areas “Sensitive Urban Zones” and earmarks them for special policing and spending programmes, but to ordinary Frenchmen they are better known as “no-go zones”, where emergency services dare not tread.

The attacks have highlighted the difficulty of pre-empting lone-wolf style Muslim attacks, and the frightening speed in which Islamic radicalization can take place. The mother of police station knife attacker Muslim convert Nzohabonayo has reported her son only started taking an interest in religion, and wearing traditional Islamic clothes a week before the attack.