11-year-old Israeli girl seriously burned over 50% of her body after firebomb attack on car by Muslims

A young Israeli girl and her father were wounded (she with 3rd degree burns, he with minor burns) Thursday after the car in which they were traveling in Judea-Samaria was hit by a firebomb, only a month after her mother escaped a similar attack in the same area.

Ayala Shapira, 11-year-old victim of Muslim terror attack
Ayala Shapira, 11-year-old burn victim of Muslim terror attack

Frontpage Magazine  (h/t Roy Daniel BS) The media loves to run photographs glorifying Muslim racist settlers throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at Jews in Israel. Except these aren’t protest methods. They’re inefficient murder attempts. Most of the time they don’t kill someone. Sometimes they find a victim young or old enough. And then what happens is horrifying.

The girl is in serious condition after suffering massive third degree burns after flames engulfed the car, which was traveling near the settlement of El Matan in the Shomron. The father, 40, was also wounded, suffering from light burn injuries; both were taken to a hospital in central Israel.


At around 6:30 pm, medic Yair Yitzchaki, a volunteer for the United Hatzalah rescue service, raced towards the burning vehicle and found the young girl with third degree burns to over 50 percent of her head and upper body. Working with IDF medical evacuation teams the girl was then transported to the burn center at Israel’s Tel Hashomer hospital.

IDF units, operating in close coordination with local rescue units, alerted nearby medics of the burning car. Israel’s Ynet News reported that the vehicle was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Palestinians.

This is what happens when an attack succeeds as intended. It’s also what was meant to happen all the other times that Muslim settlers threw rocks or firebombs. These were all cases of attempted murder.


Professor Eyal Winkler, head of the Plastic Surgery Department at Sheba Medical Center, said tonight that there is concern as to the prognosis of Ayala Shapira, and concern for her survival at this point. The 11-year-old was critically injured tonight after Arab terrorists firebombed her car as she rode in it with her father.

“At the moment, we are performing CPR on her. She has sustained severe injuries to both her neck and limbs. Teams of plastic surgeons are tending to her, as she is suffering from third-degree burns. Smoke inhalation has resulted in damage to the lungs and respiratory system, and there is obstruction to the airways.”

Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s official peace partners funded by Obama, continue to promote and celebrate their campaign of terror against Jews.