ISRAEL: Muslims release video on how to stab a Jew so you kill him

Hamas-stabbing-instructional-video.-Photo-screengrab.-300x224After a failed stabbing attack against two Israeli border policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, Arab Muslims have published a training video entitled “How to stab right,” Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

Algemeiner  In the attack, which took place after Muslim prayers, one officer was stabbed in the neck, and the other in the hand. Both were treated for their wounds in a Jerusalem hospital and are recovering. The attacker fled after scuffling with police after the failed attempt. “This was a serious event in which police officers were injured. The Jerusalem police will find the assailant,” vowed District commander, Maj.-Gen. Moshe Edri.

In the video, which shows a masked instructor holding a knife and a masked “victim,” the assailant demonstrates how to stab in order to cause maximum injury to the victim. The instructor displays several knife attack techniques, including twisting the knife to inflict maximum harm, and how an attacker can quickly stab and flee the scene.

The YouTube clip became an immediate hit among Palestinian Facebook and Twitter groups in Israel.