Well, well, turns out another Muslim “mental case” was behind the Christmas day vandalism against the Fresno Islamic Cultural Center

Move along, nothing to see, folks. No ‘hate crime’ here, just ANOTHER case of a Muslim having “mental problems,” the new favorite excuse for Muslim crime in America. Don’t expect the Muslim vandal to be charged with any crime at all. 

OOPS! No longer a "hate crime" when a Muslim does it
OOPS! No longer a “hate crime” when a Muslim does it

PJ Media (h/t Maria J)  A vandalism attack on the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno on Christmas Day was immediately branded by Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer as a “hate crime,” and the “Islamophobia” grievance industry began to gear up in response. Now that a suspect has been arrested, the narrative is quickly collapsing.

But police announced today that the suspect arrested in the attack is 28-year-old Asif Mohammad Khan, who, according to news reports, is a Muslim who used to attend the mosque and did the attack in response to bullying by some in the mosque.

This case of premature “Islamophobia” is reminiscent of the July 2010 arson at a Marietta, Georgia, mosque that was quickly deemed by the grievance industry as a clear case of “Islamophobia” driven by “anti-Muslim” sentiment and brought demands for immediate DOJ and FBI intervention by CAIR and the other usual suspects. Calls for widespread cultural sensitivity training, “interfaith” outreach, and candlelight vigils were all on the agenda of national Islamic organizations that held a press conference in the wake of the Marietta mosque fire.

Not much was said, however, after it turned out that the fire was set by a member of the mosque, nor were any apologies issued to the non-Muslim community that the Islamic organizations unjustly tarnished with a broad brush. As much can be expected in this case.