Islamic State (ISIS) puts out a Twitter hashtag asking for ideas on how to kill the captured Jordanian Pig Pilot

Decapitating and impaling are among the horrifying suggestions for captured Jordanian Moaz al-Kasasba.


Vocativ  Two days after Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasba was taken captive by the Islamic State, the terror organization’s followers are playing a shockingly repugnant game on social media, sharing posts about how to kill the 26-year-old first lieutenant.


ISIS supporters are having the morbid debate predominantly on Twitter, using the hashtag “Suggest a Way to Kill the Jordanian Pilot Pig” ( #اقترح_طريقة_لقتل_الطيار_الاردني_الخنزير). With over a thousand retweets, the hashtag is gaining popularity.


It is still unclear if the movement was launched by official ISIS propagandists, or supporters. Nonetheless, the horrific suggestions include familiar ISIS methods of murder, including decapitating him, and burning him alive. One post suggests that al-Kasasba’s captors run him over with a bulldozer.

Nothing better than the axe.

The below video, featuring a woman who claims to be the mother of a Syrian man killed by a coalition airstrike, suggests to kill the pilot “with impalement, not with a mercy shooting or a mercy knife.”  

If that weren’t enough, a second hashtag — “WeAllWantToSlaughterMoaz” ( #كلنا_بدنا_نذبح_معاذ) — is also spiking among bloodthirsty ISIS circles. This particular tag been tweeted over 11,000 times. This post claims the Jordanian pilot is currently in the hands of “Jihadi John”, the ISIS member credited with killing several hostages on camera.

But the most popular discussion about al-Kasasba taking place on social media is one of support. The hashtag #WeAreAllMoaz (#كلنا_معاذ), where individuals are praising the pilot and offering prayers and support for his family, has been shared nearly 200,000 times on various platforms. Among those speaking out for al-Kasasba are the Jordanian Queen, Rania, and Crown Prince Hussein.

God will save you and bring patience to your family and all Jordanians. We are all Moaz, stay an eagle.

"We are all Moaz"
“We are all Moaz”