ALLEGEDLY Iraqi soldiers beheading and disemboweling ISIS terrorists (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Didn’t think the Iraqi Army did this kind of thing anymore. Guess old habits die hard.











And here we have some more lovely photos of ISIS terrorists decimated by the A-10 Warthog used by Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Sinjar.










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  1. Live by the sword, meet the A10warthog, muthafukas,no one gets to play God.Well done, Coalition Forces, and U.S.A.Only one way to deal with animals.

  2. Listen …. who ever they are, the ISIS are a disease to life, and religion is a waste of human resources and time and effort take religion away what have you got no killings and peace, the ISIS need to be wiped out and any other pathetic religion based believer as theres nothing at the end as nothing has been proven and anyone following a religion has been lied to.

  3. Iraqi army are using the same savage ways as the ISIS. they could simply put a bullet through their head. i gues arabs will be arabs and stay uncivilzed no matter if they in ISIS or not. only kurdish military the most humane, they never beheaded their enemy nor did they use any other barbaric way of killing. in fact there are videos of them giving water to the captured isis scums, kurds and arabs are like day and night

    • I am not Arab but I have seen ISIS act like killings small babies who dosnt even know what religion is. Iraqi army man is from Iraq and he will remember what ISIS did to his people and known one. And they will torture and kill the ISIS guys as soon as they got an option during battle. Just think in this way, someone kill your son or daughter and came in front of you….and after a few days or month he is in front of you will you just give him a bullet in head or you will get in to a verbal fight and give him the death hi gave to others? Just think.

      I have a son and I see kids dying and if something would have happen like this than I wolds have killed that basterd in a horrible way by rememberin my pain and I can’t be nice with them.

  4. “And here we have some more lovely photos of ISIS terrorists decimated by the A-10 Warthog used by Kurdish Peshmerga troops in Sinjar.”

    Kurdish Peshmerga flying A10 Warthogs ? call me crazy but I doubt it.
    These Guys and Gals are screaming out for small arms from any nation prepared to supply them let alone already been in possession of and know how to fly a $10 million dollar state of the art 30mm flying seven barel cannon.

  5. hmmmm isnt it in the bible about ishmeal? (and his decendents) ofcourse.that he will be a wild man (such as doing this kind of sh..t) and he will live by the sword…or blunt knife i mean.(such as ..this kind of shi..t. )

    “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brothers.”

    “This son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.”

    “And he shall be as a wild-ass among men; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”


  6. Those A10 Warthogs certainly make a mess of people don’t they! Yah Allaha ! (as they say in that part of the world.)

  7. When you see the other side doing it to your comrades it hard not to want to do the same. No pity here for any ISIS vermin who are getting some of their own back.

    • I’m with you geoff; most people would call us ‘nutters’, but just think what the world would be like without mudslimes!

      There would (presently) be no wars, no beheadings, no FGM, no burqas or niqabs, no halal nonsense, no indoctrination of our kids into the filth of islam, we wouldn’t have tens of millions of mudslimes sucking the western world dry on benefits, and just think of all the extra money we would have to spend on infrastructure, medicine, etc…..! I like it!

  8. all for the greater good , send us more proof of the religion of peace there are many of us infidels who don’t get who you are yet

    • They are ALL pislamist pukes….Get ALL civilized infidel troops out now and leave the pislamist pukes to kill each other!……..Oh, just one thing, might want to bring a few Iraqi Christians out as well, knowing that our muslime-in-chief will NOT consider taking them in as refuges only his muzturd bros and sisters!………

  9. Give it ten years or so and the images shown above will be common place here in Europe, it can’t be stopped, even if we started mass EU wide deportations of Muslims, do you think it would happen peacefully? Mass immigration from 3rd world and Muslim countries is EU policy from the likes of Barrosso, former President of the European Commision and his fellow commies, they want to dilute the Nation State to the point where there is no national identity any more anywhere right across Western Europe and only a mass of mixed immigrants and cowed former European nationals, its a set up to perpetuate the EU and its almost a fait accompli. The only hope we have are the Germans and PEDIGA, and then only if it takes root right across the continent, even then there will be violence, the Muslims won’t want to return to their former countries of origin with no benefits or free housing, health care and education, its not only the Muslims we have ranged against us its the Liberal enablers who need sorting out too. Mein Gott, sollen wir alle Angst haben!

  10. That’s what I call …. a full service gas station ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Would You Clean The Windshield Please World Tour

  11. What goes around comes around!

    Btw, Bonni, disemboweling? Where? I didn’t see any of that.. ( if you meant the first video, then, the guy cuts through the corpse’s back – notice the feet and hands facing downwards).

    My guess is that the cutting of the back is symbolic, as an act of vengeance, since IS tortures captured Iraqi soldiers, by tying their hands behind their backs, flat on the ground, face down, while they are cutting deep into their backs using a big sharp knife and then rubbing a handful of salt on the wounds. ( I have seen several videos of IS doing that, and that is nasty to say the least.)

    I may be wrong, and the soldiers are simply enjoying themselves with some satanic IS corpses…

  12. Iraqi soldiers beheading and disemboweling ISIS savages is good news. The ISIS is getting what they sowed. Yes old habits die hard, after all Iraqi soldiers are also muslies.

    • That’s why obama is a muslim, he was born a muslim, he’s dad was a muslim, then his stepdad was also a muslim, and he went to a muslim school in Indonesia as a muslim. A muslim can’t leave his religion, or maybe he is an apostate, I don’t think so, he is just a good muslim practising the art of deceit.

    • Communism may be the walking dead but castro still will help any enemy of the United States or Israel. Iran, Venezuela, gaddafi, North Korea et al. Waiting for him to die so I can pass oput candy.

  13. Iraq suicide bomber was treated in Spain

    A Libyan suicide bomber who carried out an attack in the name of Isis in October in Iraq received medical treatment in Spain, prompting fears that others who were radicalized after being treated in the country could carry out attacks on Spanish soil.

    He was one of the first 52 Libyans to arrive in Spain in the midst of intense fighting in the North African country, having been flown to Spain by the Spanish state Agency for International Development Cooperation (Aecid).

  14. Who is fighting with the sword, die by the sword!
    Who cuts off the head, lose your head!
    What Isis beast sown, it shall reap!
    All the evil they return!
    Woe Erdogan!
    Turkish hypocrisy – on the Turkish-Syrian border each day watching the fight in Koban thousands of Kurdish refugees and Turkish soldiers. The guns of their tanks while pointing to positions IS, but nobody goes off. Ankara, in the past, one of the key NATO allies, refusing to help the Kurds and attack the jihadists.

    Turks tenacity with which they refuse to budge, raises further speculation. Why IS dismissed dozens of detainees Turks, while the Americans, British and Iraqi journalists and beheading video of their executions sent out to the whole world? Why even dismissed relatives Caliph IS, held in Turkish prisons or hospitals? And why has found itself at liberty total of 180 Islamic radicals, some of whom were British, Swiss and Macedonian passports and everyone immediately engaged in combat in Iraq and Syria?

    Ankara calls on Syrian Kurds to help practically did not respond. Even the United States failed to persuade Ankara to at least give its air bases to strike against IS. To this day must start from Bahrain, Qatar and other countries in the Arabian Peninsula.

    Turks plays massacre of Kurds, who are connected to the Kurdistan Workers Party PKK, Turkey banned and called a terrorist, into cards. I therefore continue to Turkey criticizes US supply of arms and ammunition Kurds in Koban. Conversely, Ankara unnoticed manager leaves the members of the so-called. Syrian opposition, whether they represent a queue al-Nusrat, that al-Qaeda in Syria or even Islamic State, sipping coffee shops in Istanbul “[more]

      “Turkey’s NATO allies and IS – shame aliance.Turecká government has repeatedly indicated publicly that they will not cooperate with NATO in case of possible military action against IS until the jihadists will not conquer the right boundary. And if someone else has the feeling that perhaps he IS the Turks invade, will surely be disappointed. Turkey, on the contrary subtly reinforces alliance with IS and did not allow NATO forces mobile base on its territory. And if it’s not far enough to the media and intelligence agencies to start examining whether Turkey committing war crimes, is to wonder what Turkey is against allowing NATO.

    Turkey has for weeks releases prisoners – orthodox Muslims or even directly IS members in exchange for his men captured organizations. Among other things, thus freed Muslim who murdered in Northern Europe and in Turkey was caught. Turkey, which is trying to genocide from the beginning of the last century to silence and perhaps subtly expressed his gratitude. .

    IS with Turkey agree to build the embassy. So Turkey by liberal IS recognized as the official and full-fledged nation. With its own direct action against NATO Turkey progresses further. Turkey and the IS on the borders of the Kurds do not let Koban. Turks and Islamists alongside inspected at the border and let the Kurds is neither water nor food across borders Koban. Adequate Turkey would be excluded from the alliance and all possible negotiations on accession to the EU. With it would come even greater influence of Islam in Europe “

    • Ever since Erdogan has come into power, Turkey is spiralling backwards. He shut down social media, there was social unrest because of his Islamic views also.

      Why hasn’t he allowed US planes to land at the NATO a airbase in Incirlik, Turkey to fight ISIS? Previous Presidents have allowed us/NATO planes to be based at Incirlik when they were fighting Iraq, Afghanistan , even bombing the Serbs when they were fighting against the Muslims (nice one there)

      Erdogans support for ISIS to conquer Europe is one that he is hoping for. This is why ISIS released the Turks. Erdogan wants relive the Ottomon dream while he is still around.

    • Turkey is the spring board for Islamic infestation in Europe and North America. If this one country can be destroyed the rest of these dirt bag countries will fall like a house of cards. We need the right leadership in the USA and Britain to sack this bag of muslim excrement. Get it the hell out of NATO and never allow it into the EU.

  15. Fomenting abject fear in populations is the goal of the use of terrorism. We are being manipulated by those who plan to impose their will on the world. Muslims who truly follow momo will gladly engage in this, but they too, are being played to do the dirty work of those much higher up on the food chain.