SEATTLE BOO HOO NEWS about Somali Muslim cab driver who alleges he was attacked by a passenger

B4XIJ_YCEAAqnBoThe story from the passenger (Navy sailor) is different, but as usual, the leftist media shows its pro-Muslim bias for the Somali driver (photo right).

Ali Gaal told police the sailor was angry that his credit card was taking so long to process the taxi fare. “As soon as I gave his credit card he was out of the vehicle. And then he started punching me, punching me, punching me. I lost consciousness,” Ali Gaal told the officer at the scene. He said, ” Hurry up (expletive). You are a terrorist, you are from ISIS. I’m going to shoot you. I don’t know how they allow you to the United States,” Ali Gaal says in the new video. (How does he know all this if he lost consciousness when he was punched? Is the driver an illegal alien or is he here on the Barack Hussein Obama ‘Destroy America with masses of Somali Muslim invaders’ program?)

ORIGINAL REPORT: seattle-designated-terrorist-group-cair-is-demanding-a-hate-crime-investigation-for-somali-muslim-cab-driver-allegedly-attacked-for-his-religion