SWEDEN: Yet another horrific story of the brutal rape of a white woman by a Somali Muslim savage

And the relatively light slap-on-the-wrist punishment the Somali Muslim rapist got from a Swedish court.


10 NEWS Nicolai Sennels  The very violent and vicious rape took place September 12, 2014. It all began when the Somali man stole the woman’s bicycle. When she followed him to get it back the bike, he cornered her in a courtyard.

“Now you will die you fucking cunt!,” the Somali Muslim shouted as he attacked her. He kicked and hit his victim in the head with a glass bottle and then brutally raped her many different ways. The woman suffered serious injuries.

According to the court, the rape was “ruthless, brutal and barbaric in nature”.


‘The woman felt she was on the verge of death, and repeatedly begged him to stop, at one point by praying on her knees with her hands clasped. The Muslim savage held her by the throat so she could not breathe. ‘He pushed her onto the broken glass and then attempted to sodomize her,’ reads the judgment.

Ibrahim Ahmed Dahir, who stated that he does not remember anything of the event, was sentenced to just 6 years in prison for aggravated rape and has to pay 164,000 kroner ($21,000 USD) in damages to the woman. 

The Muslim savage is a Swedish citizen and therefore cannot be deported to Somalia.”

Here is an explanation: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave”

When it comes to rapes, Islamized Sweden is already in a state of war. Sweden does not publish statistics on immigrant crime. If we want to have a hint about who is committing these tens of thousands of rapes and other types of sexual assaults yearly, we can turn to another Scandinavian country, Sweden’s neighbor Norway, the country most similar to Sweden. Here 100 percent of all attack-rapes (rapes where the attacker and the victim did not know each other beforehand) in the last five years in Oslo were committed by immigrants from “non-Western” countries. In Stavanger, a major Norwegian city, 90 percent of rapes are committed by “immigrants.”















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  2. This is yet another proof that Sweden does not belong in civilized Europe. Sweden should emptied of muslims before the muslims in there are able to spread among us – honest, hard working, God fearing, tax paying citizens (Christians, Jews, and atheists alike).

  3. i am very sorry to read this article.
    full of sadness for this girl.
    my thought and prayer for her .

    I Hope for a better year .


  4. Yes, Keep tolerating those savages, oh you stupid government people and liberal people! I hope one of those people who tell us citizens to tolerate these barbaric savages who called themselves Muslim got assaulted so they know how it felt like!

    That’s the reason why I keep my gun at all time and learn kick-boxing. I pray hard too but I am no fool to trust those Muslims if ever I encounter any of them!.

  5. God, the whole world waits for Your Divine Justice and Punishment.

    Bible, Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord

    • Quit waiting for something that is never coming and take action. The Germans, the English and other Euro’s all have anti-Islam parties and rally’s. So should we in North America. I am not talking a pro Israel rally. I am talking a full on fuck you Islam Rally. The next thing you can do is vote for the policy makers you want even if they don’t get elected you will have done your part.

    • Or just hand them over to the general public once CHARGED & guilt is proven ! I bet everyone it will stop so suddenly, they will disappear into thy night like the stinking rats they are….

  6. They need to revamp their citizenship qualifications. There needs to be a section that says that if you commit a crime, and are prosecuted , and found guilty – you automatically lose your citizenship (NO exceptions), and are repatriated back to your country of origin. Maybe this will help. If a man has a family there, the family also loses their Public Assistance., and are given the choice of staying with no Public Assistance, or following the man back home. We all have to make it hurt. They need to follow our ways, or get out!

    • Here,here I fully agree 120% with you here ! But strange things happen thou, as like in AUSTRALIA:- a mozlem was caught out ( with his pants downto his ankles in GUILT) smuggling many ILLEGAL boat PEOPLEinto this country,he also lived in. His own wife was employed in Canberra as a highly paid advisor ! His name was [captain Araahad] or alike that he took off , did a runner, leaving his wife + kids in our country collecting everything they could ….

      Without being CHARGED,nor even tracked down to be brought before the justice system …. It stinks to high heaven… And who’s screwing who in this cover up of illegal immigration of evil and shit ? Makes me wonder just who should be held responsible!!!!!

    • Hi there. I am as appalled as you by the these brutal rapes and crimes and I want to see some real action by police. I think the problem has to be called for what it is which is cultural war by a section of the Muslim population against Europe. I am pleased European countries are belatedly closing their borders. However Obama is not bringing into the US millions of Muslims. He has been very careful not to escalate the trouble by bombing indiscriminately, although by the time he took office the cat was well and truly out of the bag. You should remember that this is a problem that was entirely caused by the Republican Party – Bush and the lying, stealing, thieving, dishonest, greedy neo-cons. They have managed to destroy the Middle East and North Africa and Europe is on the way to hell. Three continents – not bad for people who wanted to grab every contract they could in Iraq. So don’t blame Obama. He didn’t cause this mess. Bush caused it. My father was a military attache in Afghanistan. he said when he heard that the US was going to invade Iraq, ‘I can;t believe that the US is going to take a conventional army into a tribal area. This will be a catastrophe!” He was completely correct.
      But I agree with you that Europe has to find the will power to save itself.

      I would really like to know though who took these photographs of the women and why were they taken? My husband who is experienced in these things says that they are staged. He doesn’t believe that they are police photos. I think they are real. This is the sort of argument that is happening in millions of households so if anyone can really shed light on this it would help.

    • Doubtful, since most of his fellow inmates will also be muslim, as they are the ones committing most of the crimes.

  7. watched a junior hockey game t’other night where a young tough guy on the opposite team was provoking fights all night… $$$$$.. take your sorry ass home new Swede image and protect your sisters… wake up young men before they start lubin you up over the bar… you aren’t at war yet but where is your honor?… stand together and resist these devils.

  8. I wonder if we outside of Sweden know more about what goes on inside Sweden than the Swedes ! are their men neutered and their women gagged ? there is no help to give if there is no resistance , Stand up and Fight Sweden and we will come

  9. He doesn’t remember anything, he flaming well remembered she wasn’t wearing a veil !

    What race is Islam ?, a bloody disgRACE, that’s what.

  10. Somehow it only seems fitting that once-proud Sweden, which has come to hate itself is being literally f*cked in the head and ass by invaders bent on destroying everything it has built, with its blessing 🙂 When will they wake up that it’s okay to be white and Swedish, and that their remote northern country should be a safe haven and breeding grounds for their tiny racial minority, and close the gates and celebrate being Swedish? Maybe never, but it’s not too late, let’s hope. If they feel sorry for the poor and downtrodden, that doesn’t mean they should make themselves poor and downtrodden. This would be true even if it weren’t for the horrible supremacist intolerant ideology of Islam, which makes all immigrants suspect of being enemy combatants and agents of a foreign power. The rule should be apostasy before even being put on the list, followed by a college degree at least. If Sweden disappears from the Earth, how does that help anything? Sweden is a good force in the world, and should shore up its borders and become as strong as it can, with a population explosion, after which it can send millions of immigrants to Africa instead 🙂 The rapist’s sentence should have been confiscation of all assets, deportation, and lifetime banning, after 10 or so years at hard labor.


  11. The PC crowd loves touting Scandinavia as being this progressive and ideal society. Well, with all the Muzz pouring into the region… IT DOES NOT MATTER how forward thinking leftists think Sweden or Norway or Denmark is… when Muzz are around.

    Scandinavia is ideal because of gun control! NO… all it does it make the populace more helpless against muzz criminals who prey upon them!

    Scandinavia is ideal because of equal rights for women in politics, business and academia! Not with more and more Muslims in the region. So who cares if in the 1960s Scandinavia was home to “liberated women” or the 1990s had a huge number of women professionals? What does THAT matter Dear Feminists… when Muslims won’t shake hands with women public office holders, discriminate against women in the workforce and want segregated classrooms.

    Who cares if women in Scandinavia HAD equality in these sectors earlier than other places… WHEN MUSLIMS get their way… there will be no more women in public office, women won’t be able to own shops or businesses and education for girls will be a thing of the past.

    Scandinavia was “ideal” leftists thought because of its laid back views on sex and birth control. Well, the way Muzz rape and sexual harass the people of Scandinavia and attack non-Muslim couples holding hands… doesn’t matter that Scandinavia was open about sex and romance… as adulterers being stoned, rape victims being executed is Scandinavia’s future.

    Scandinavia… open about ideas, books, lectures, television, theater, nightclub acts, the music scene and film! Freedom of Speech! Well, with more and more Muslims this will be less and less. The only thing literature, big or small screens and musicians will care about will be NOT offending Muslims.

    Scandinavia was a society that did not persecute homosexuals and gays/lesbians can marry and live together without fear of harassment. WHO CARES if LGBT achieved this and non-Muslim Scandinavians sent the lesbian couple next door anniversary cards for their civil union ceremony or knew an employee was bi and did not fire him. Useless to have all this when Muzz immigrants have sharia patrols and harass gays. When Muzz gain control look for these laws protecting gays to be scrapped. Who cares if NON Muslim Sweden or Norway will smile politely at lesbians if the Muslims will take a baseball bat to their heads.

    Scandinavia is “pro-Environmental” and has humane societies that promote animal welfare. DOES NOT MATTER when the Muzz numbers grow. Who cares about animal cruelty laws on the books when you don’t enforce them when Muzz torture dogs and cats, sodomize livestock, torment zoo animals (and the zoo staff don’t intervene so not to offend Muzzlims)… and of course the evil Halal practices.

    As for “environmental issues” take a look at Scandinavian parks, gardens and elsewhere… the Muzz are FILTHY and trash and litter is making once high quality standard towns and cities 3rd world hell holes.

    Scandinavia was “tolerant” and “Cosmopolitan” for look how Denmark rescued their Jews in WWII and Sweden took said Jews in to shelter them. Scandinavia took in genuine refugees from communism in the 1950s, VietNamese boat people in the 1970s, starving Ethiopians in the 1980s… WELL WHO CARES.

    WHO CARES that Stockholm and Oslo and Copenhagen had a cosmopolitan feel to them PRIOR to Muzz immigration. Exchange students from Latin America and South Korea… businessmen from Spain or Japan moving into apartments for long term stays… Scandinavian couples adopting children from Venezuela or Zimbabwe or China… guest workers from Italy or Portugal…. visiting academics and scientists from Israel…. tourists from Taiwan, Greece or India… Swedish-Americans or Norwegian-Canadians visiting relatives… THE REGION WAS COSMOPOLITAN BEFORE MUSLIMS SO IT NEVER NEEDED MULTI-CULTURALISM’S WAVE AFTER WAVE OF MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS.

    Scandinavia has modern infrastructures and health care for high standards of living, their militaries have nice crisp clean uniforms and the most top notch fight jets and jeeps and tanks. WHO CARES when you allow Muzz to overwhelm and bring down living standards and your urban infrastructures and what good is a modern military if you don’t use it to prevent the creation of NO GO ZONES for Muslims only… in YOUR OWN NATION.

    i COULD GO ON… women’s equality, LGBT acceptance/tolerance, pro environmental issues, animal rights and welfare movements, openness about sex, open societies with vibrant cultural spheres, first world standards in modern living…. ALL of these things the left prided themselves on when touting the wonderful Scandinavian societies as being “progressive.”

    Who cares if all of that happened when you allow Muzz immigrants to take all of this away from you? Where are Western feminists to protest the Islamic rape wave? Where are the LGBT rights activists protesting the physical harassment of gays? Where are the animal rights activists condemning halal slaughter and the mistreatment of dogs and cats in Sweden or Norway? The environmentalists shouting the direct line between garbage strewn hell-holes and Muslim immigrants?

    Where is the protest about the treatment of Jews in these lands by the Muzz immigrants? In Sweden… elderly Holocaust survivors are not allowed to speak in history classes because it would offend Muslim students and school staff. WTF?

    Scandinavia is about to be plunged into a pit of lawlessness and misery that will be hard to escape from as the muzz population grows and grows.

  12. ‘People’ show who it is they worship by their acts.

    Muslims repeatedly show by their satanic acts that they are Devil worshipers. Rapes, tortures, gang rapes, kidnappings, beheadings, satanic atrocities, mass barbaric murders and the mass sex-slave taking of women and girls is how ‘humans’ worship the Devil.

    Profoundly wicked European and British leaders massively colonised each one of our tiny nations of Europe and Britain with many millions of muslims from the huge muslim Third World — followers of the Devil worshiping cult of Islam.

    And force our people to finance the massive colonisation and massive breeding of the followers of the devil worshiping cult. Huge imported muslim armies. Parasites. Eagerly awaiting the planned future major jihad.

    Our leaders are fully aware that the muslims they massively imported are extremely barbaric and cruel. Ruling elites know that muslims wage a huge Rape War against European and British non-muslim females. Elites know that there are huge numbers of no-go muslim areas all over Europe and Britain too dangerous for non-muslims to enter.

    Our wicked leaders respond to muslim non-stop violence and non-stop rape of our women and girls by maliciously continuing to massively import muslims to DELIBERATELY increase muslim violence and muslim rape against our females — and viciously persecute and sometimes jail our people who protest. At least one year in jail for peacefully placing a piece of pork on a mosque door handle.

    Ruling elites — champagne socialists live in luxury with their fat bank accounts in complete safety in wealthy neighborhoods. Elites and THEIR children are SAFE. Our wicked leaders constantly profusely praise muslims — evil ruling elites are pleased, even DELIGHTED with the terrible suffering they have inflicted on our people by muslim barbarians.

    In all of history no nations ever had such evil traitors for leaders. Satanic leaders who sold their souls and sold us out to the Devil worship Cult of Islam.


    Join the European Defense Leagues and Freedom Parties!

    The hour is late. Join in the fight for freedom! We dare not lose this battle or the longest darkest night the world has ever known will descend on our once beautiful, safe and free nations of Europe and Britain.

    Join EDL (English Defence League) street demos and join Liberty GB patriotic, anti-Islamisation party! http://www.libertygb.org.uk/

    Liberty GB leader, Paul Weston on Muslim Gang Rape of British little white girls:
    Where are the Politicians on Rotherham’s 1400 Child Rape Victims?

  13. Scandinavian prisons are notorious for their “touchy feely” and very EASY surroundings. It will be more like he is going to Club-Med for 6 years than a “real” prison. I have also heard that muzz prisoners are beginning to control and literally take over such facilities… where non-Muslim prisoners and of course non-Muslim staff are terrified of the Muzz-maggots.

    I am sure this Somali Muzz scum will have plenty of blond and green-eyed Swedish men and boys- inmates for white collar/non-violent crimes to rape and molest as they wait to be released.

    If American Servicemen have to tiptoe around muzz prisoners and wear white gloves when handling the korHAM…. and British authorities are threatened with a ruined career when a paper touches the nose of a muzz prisoner or when they raise their voices at them…

    Well, if the Americans and British deal with muzz prisoners this way… just think how the Swedes treat them.

  14. “The Muslim savage is a Swedish citizen and therefore cannot be deported to Somalia”

    Obviously, it is way past time to depend on any government to do anything about Muslims. It’s time for men to stop being feminized sissy boys and be what we were meant to be.

    • We don’t want weak, spineless girly males for leaders! We want REAL MEN!

      Western leaders need to step down now and let real men take over.

  15. It seems like the whole country …. Sweden …. is “asking for it” ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Instant Onset Stockholm Syndrome Rape Consent World Tour

  16. A muslim cannot be a citizen of a democratic country. They recognize no laws but the laws of islam. This has been asserted by many muslim leaders.

  17. So after 6 short years the monster muslum can not be deported. To bad he did not rape the judge and then the judge would better understand exactly what happened to the innocent woman. Hopefully he will met his maker in prison.

    • He won’t even serve 6 years. He’ll be out in 2 or 3. And the 167,000 kroner he was fined will be payed by the taxpayer anyway, since this muslim slime doesn’t work and lives permanently on welfare benefits (as they nearly all do).

      He’ll also be perfectly safe in prison as well, since most of the inmates are probably muslim, and are serving lenient sentences for vicious crimes.

      And then after that he won’t even be deported.

      They will literally release a dangerous savage like that back onto the Swedish streets where he can do the same again, knowing there will be little to no punishment.

      Oh, and they’ll then continue giving him his monthly welfare cheques as well.

      But this poor woman. She will be scarred psychologically for life (after she has got over her physical injuries). And she will be afraid to go outside or walk her own streets in her own land for the rest of her life.

      Oh, and she will have to continue going to work, and paying taxes, that her traitor politicians will then give to slime like him.

      Sweden truly deserves to die!

      I wonder if her dhimmi fellow Swedes also condemned her for saying it was a somali who attacked her and forced her to apologize, like the Danes did last week to their girl who was brutalized on her own streets by muslims?

      Won’t even be deported. Jesus. I’m a (non-muslim) foreigner living in Denmark, and if I ever committed any crime a tiny fraction as violent and serious as this I would be put on the next plane out.

    • cat, Judges and our Western leaders understand exactly the horrors and tremendous suffering of savage, violent rapes that victims experience. Many horribly tortured rape victims died. Our judges and our leaders are MONSTERS. They APPROVE of the barbaric rapes of our women and girls.

      Our wicked leaders are barbarians. They know that muslim savages wage a massive rape war against our British and European girls. Our leaders maliciously and DELIBERATELY continue to massively increase muslim immigration/phony muslim asylum seekers in order to greatly increase muslim violence and greatly increase savage muslim rapes of our females. THEY WILL BURN IN HELL along with the dirty demonic savage inhuman, gang raping, sex slaver muslim monsters – the SPAWN of SATAN.

    • Rock Spiders & Rapist, deserve only one proper thing in life for their insult to human kind,

      ” once found guilty as, be given directly to thy general public to sort out ! DEATH IS THE ONLY WAY,TO ENSURE THAT HUMAN KIND IS SAFE FROM THESE TYPE OF SICK AND DANGEROUS BARSTEADS ! “

  18. I wish I could get my hands on that Muslim savage myself. I would take a baseball bat to his fucking crotch!! Swedish people PLEASE why don’t you hold a protest like those in Germany? It needs to be as large as possible. You have nothing left to lose now. Your country is going to be gone if you don’t act! That sentence is unacceptable. 6 years? That’s not enough punishment compared to her suffering!!

  19. Good God, fucking savages. Here in in relatively safe NZ we have young women being raped and abused by Somalli Muslim taxi drivers more frequently than the media dare to report. I have a habit of asking drivers if they are Muslim, if yes, I move on to the next cab on the rank, rinse and repeat, sometimes it takes forever not to get a jihadist in waiting.

    • Paul, we aren’t going to be safe for very long! This country is in trouble as well. We have a small population- it will not be long before they are able to influence our elections. We need to start holding large protests. The problem is that many NZers don’t even know the extent of this problem. They still think we’re safe. As if Muslims would spare this country when they’re attacking all the others…

      • No NZers are NOT aware of the problem, for the same reason many Aussies, Brits, French, Americans, Canadians, Norwegians Danes and people in ALL western countries are not aware–because the media in all western countries simply will not report it, or if they do, you will NOT see the words ‘islam’ or ‘muslim’ mentioned. Our media has failed us totally.

        I used to comment in a newspaper I delivered as a kid 65 years ago, the Otago Daily Times, but gave up as I realized they are uselessly poltically correct. Same with the NZ Herald–just as useless.

        The media, and they alone, have the influence to turn all this around. They will not. They are just as traitorous as the politicians.

      • The only way NZ will be safe if war comes soon to europe. then there’s no hiding it. mutliculism is failed and our country needs to halt the immgration program ASAP it’s not like there’s any jobs to be had.

      • I agree “It’s me!” When there is war in Europe, Nzers will have to stop living with their head in the clouds. I can’t understand the ridiculous responses I get from people when I tell them that civil war is coming to Europe because of Muslims. The last person said “There are good and bad in every religion. The people I see in the media are only a tiny percentage of the Muslims in the world. There are lots of other world problems, I don’t think this is the top priority.” Even after I told them about Muhammad and how other religions do NOT teach what Islam does. And mentioned rape in Europe by Muslim dogs. And no-go zones. And quoted out of the Koran. And told them to stop watching mainstream media because it’s full of lies and the violence is escalating. This country will go to the Muslim savages if we don’t shake people awake. We have around 4.4 million people and around 1% Muslim and growing. That’s probably an old statistic- It’s probably closer to 1.5 by now. There are imams in our prisons converting criminals. And you know the slap on the wrist you get for murder or rape in NZ- those savages will get out in no time.

    • Thanks for the info on NZ. Bonni has some incredible links below this lead story on what’s going on in Sweden. Anywhere the citizens are not armed, it seems the Moslem slime oozes out, causing violence and ruin. Support BNI and similar, support the NRA, and Jews for the Preservation of a Firearms Ownership-JPFO. Good luck in NZ and great idea to stay out of Moslem cabs–if you ask they WILL tell you–so as not to offend their false god allah the moon god or his three star daughters…. Centuries ago, the Swedes understood the barbarity of pagans and did something about it. Now they trust their stupid government to be their protectors. And let THAT be a lesson to those in the USA. If our representatives don’t actually represent us, we are headed down the same road as Sweden. The last chance against a tyrannical government is the People. Ours is to be a government OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People. Obama is working overtime so that the Moslem immigrants outnumber us. Then they will be “The People.” Get it?

  20. SWEDEN, when will you stand up for yourself?? I used to think of Sweden as a progressive, creative, resourceful culture. Now I look at Sweden the same way I look at water going down a drain. Your culture is taking a beating, and you do nothing about it. For God’s sake, think of your children. What are you leaving them to deal with? If you don’t address your problems with immigrants now, those children don’t stand a chance. Very sad to think of those blue-eyed blonde children as second class citizens in the home of their ancestors.

    • Good point …. saddle your children …. with socialist welfare debt …. then throw them to …. the Muslim wolves ?

    • That’s what I think when I walk down the street in Denmark and see all the young white couples pushing prams.

      Are they insane! Don’t they realize the Hell on Earth their children are going to be living in when they get into their 30’s or 40’s.

      Obviously they don’t. And maybe it’s better they don’t.

  21. Vigilante groups need to be formed. Then start Really Kicking some Muslim Parasite Ass. Don’t stop kicking ass until all Muslims are in the Morgue or Fleeing to Muslim Hell Hole countries. NO SURRENDER EVER!. DEATH TO MUSLIM RAPISTS!

  22. The ANSWER IS SIMPLY, ” A BULLET BETWEEN THY EYES ! ” And if nobody does it (?) Then everybody in Sweden should hold their heads in SHAME over this..
    Playing the Ace card of,

    ” I DO NOT RECALL OR REMEMBER IS WAY OVER ABUSED BY THOSE GUITY TODAY ! For why did he steal the Women’s bike in the first place ? It was already a staged/planed pre-meditated setup, withALL INTENTIONS OF DOING HARM WHEREEVER HE COULD ! “