ABU DHABI: Muslims outraged at Selena Gomez for showing her ankle in a mosque

OFF WITH HER HEAD? Pop starlet Selena Gomez has been heavily criticized after posting pictures of herself flashing her ankle inside Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque on her Instragram account.


UK Daily Mail  A second picture, showing Gomez and fellow musicians Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson and Shay Mitchell smiling and striking poses has also been lambasted.

Mosque visiting rules strictly ban all ‘intimate behaviour’ including holding hands and kissing, and states that all skirts must be ankle-length.  

This image showing Selena alongside Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson and Shay Mitchell also drew fury from Instagram users, who branded it 'disrespectful'
This image showing Selena alongside Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cody Simpson and Shay Mitchell also drew fury from Instagram users, who branded it ‘disrespectful’

Commenting on the picture, Alaa Almitwally said: ‘Disrecpectful! It’s a religion place not a place to have fun in, so disappointed.’ Meanwhile another user, Ayisha Elturk, said: ‘If their intent was to learn about Islam they wouldn’t be posing like they were standing outside and amusement park. ‘I like Selena Gomez but to have her do something like this makes me no longer a fan.’

Also raising eyebrows and ire in Dubai, Kendall Jenner of the infamous Kardashian klan swaps hijab for a bikini on tour of United Arab Emirates with Hollywood’s new brat pack.

UK Daily Mail  Kendall Jenner has posted a racy bikini selfie while on tour of the United Arab Emirates. The 19-year-old reality star and model posed up in a skimpy brown two-piece while in a Dubai hotel and shared the snap with her Instagram fans on New Year’s Eve.  She captioned the picture: ‘Dubyeeee 2014.’


It was a return to form for the rising supermodel, who was among a group of young Hollywood stars who donned traditional abayas and hijabs while visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi on Monday.  

Not their typical look: Kendall (far right) Selena Gomez (middle with hands together) and friends covered up in abayas and hijabs for a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi on Monday.


Kendall was joined by Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Shay Mitchell, Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor and Gigi’s singer boyfriend Cody Simpson for their first tourist stop during their New Year’s Eve holiday week. 

The mosque, which is the largest in the United Arab Emirates, can accommodate as many as 40,000 people. The tradition is Sunni Islam and the mosque is the key place of worship on Friday gathers and Eid prayers.

Jenner, Hadid, Gomez and their friends were dressed in customary UAE clothes including long black robes and scarves to cover most of their faces.


The Grand Mosque has caused problems for celebrities in the past, with controversial star Rihanna thrown out after posing for pictures inside the compound. 

Celebrity visitors such as Rihanna – who took glamorous photos in front of the mosque in 2013 – have been criticized in the past for violating the rules on the ‘status and sanctity of the mosque.’


Staff ejected the Bermudian singer after complaining she did not have permission to carry out a photoshoot while dressed head-to-toe in a black jumpsuit.

Justifying their decision, workers at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque said Rihanna’s actions had not been in keeping with the ‘sanctity’ of the site.