TWO young Italian women being held by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria beg for their lives in just-released video

Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo who defied their parents by going to Syria to volunteer as humanitarian workers in Aleppo last August, were kidnapped by ISIS savages and now say their lives are in grave danger.

(Gee…looks like ISIS has tired of them as sex slaves and now are threatening to cut off their heads in front of a worldwide audience)

Two Italian humanitarian workers kidnapped in Aleppo, Syria

UK Mirror  Italians Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo, 21, were kidnapped in Aleppo last August while volunteering in the war-torn city. Today, a video emerged of the two women dressed in black head scarves and reading an apparently scripted message to camera at an unknown location.

In it they say: “We supplicate our government and its mediators to bring us back home for Christmas. We are in big danger and we could be killed. 


“The government and its mediators are responsible for our lives.” The message appears to have been filmed more than two weeks ago, with the women holding up a hand written sign carrying the date December 17.

It’s thought Greta and Vanessa are being held by al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, rather than Islamic State, who beheaded five Western hostages in 2014.

The footage of the women has not yet been verified, and the Italian foreign ministry spokesman declined to comment tonight.