EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood supporters come out to protest the popular al-Sisi government that deposed the terrorist Mohamed Morsi

Hopefully they will be arrested and jailed along with the hundreds of other Muslim Brotherhood supporters now on death row awaiting execution.


President al-Sisi was democratically elected by over 90% of the population. Following the Friday prayers, protesters held rallies in Cairo and several other cities, calling for the ouster of President Abdul Fatah el Sisi and demanding an immediate end to military rule.

Security forces attacked protesters in Hadaeq Helwan district south of the capital Cairo. A protester was killed in the scuffles. (Only one?) Protesters also chanted anti-Sisi slogans and called on all Egyptians to put their differences aside, and to stand against those who protesters called the “coup orchestrators”.

Since the popular ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, critics of the government have faced a relentless crackdown that has put thousands behind bars including several Islamic figures.