SWEDEN: Attacks on police cars follow several car burnings in Gothenburg

Oh, like the 940 New Years Eve car burnings by Muslims in France?

h/t Vlad Tepes

Also in Sweden, police station in Muslim ghetto attacked. A Muslim gang of about 10 people attacked the local police station in Farsta in southern Stockholm.

10 News (h/t Maurice)  The gang, which consisted of “younger men”, poured flammable liquid over 4-5 police cars parked outside the station. They also blocked the door leading from the station to the parking lot, to prevent the cops from coming out and extinguish the fire.


A plainclothes police officer saw what was happening and managed to grab and arrest one of the Muslim perpetrators. This apparently got the rest of the gang to leave. 

Police categorize the incident as attempted sabotage alternatively attempted vandalism. Because the crime was directed against the law enforcement and is one of a series of attacks by Muslims in recent years against the Swedish judicial system, the crime also meets the criteria to be characterized as a terrorism.