DUTCH SCANDAL: Police pay radical Muslim sharia sect to patrol streets of the The Hague on New Year’s Eve

Dutch police have capitulated: they can no longer uphold law and order in Muslim-dominated areas, and now are hiring radical IslamoNazi Salafi sharia-patrols from the local mosque to patrol the streets.


10 News  (h/t Nicolai Sennels) This is not only in complete conflict with secular principles, it also lends authority to people who follow a doctrine that preaches destruction of democracy and death upon the very people that the police is supposed to protect.

Translated by Thomas from DenHaagfm:

Dutch member of parliament Joram van Klaveren and Louis Bontes of the Party for the Netherlands (VNL) are upset about the cooperation during New Year’s Eve between The Hague police department and the radical Salafist As-Sunnah mosque.

Volunteers of the As-Sunnah mosque were patrolling the Transvaal and Schilderswijk districts of The Hague during the New Year’s Eve in order to prevent Muslims from causing trouble.  The volunteers from the mosque were rewarded with tourist vouchers.


The Party for the Netherlands finds it inappropriate that the Dutch government “should be represented on the streets by a Salafist mosque.” The former Freedom Party MPs said that “it is a devastating development” because “a fundamentalist Islamic institution, whose spokesperson said that it does not believe in universal human rights and that Dutch society is built on a godless foundation, should not be a partner for our secular government.”

Leon de Jong, the leader of the Freedom Party in The Hague’s city council has asked the city council written questions about what he calls the “sharia police” of the As-Sunnah mosque. “This kind of Islamization undermines the authority of the police,” he says. “The police should control the streets. For that reason, there should be no room in The Hague for any kind of Islamic law enforcement whatsoever.”