SPAIN: Police officer killed by oncoming train after being pushed onto tracks by a Muslim illegal alien

The Muslim savage has been named as Yode Ali Raba from the Ivory Coast who entered Spain illegally.  


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Susan K) This is the shocking moment a Spanish police officer fell to his death after he was apparently pushed into the path of an oncoming train. The officer, named as 28-year-old Francisco Javier Ortega, was talking to a group on the platform at Madrid’s Embajadores station, when it is alleged he asked to see identification papers of one of the men.

Bystanders waiting for the train were filming on their mobile phones as a minor scuffle broke out on the platform yesterday. Horrified onlookers in the station can then be heard screaming as the pair are both hit by the train. Mr Ortega was then rushed to a nearby hospital but later died from his injuries.


The Muslim illegal alien who is alleged to have pushed him on to the tracks has been named by Spanish newspaper El Pais as 28-year-old Yode Ali Raba from the Ivory Coast.

The paper reports that the Muslim illegally entered Spain in 2011 and after surviving the impact of being struck by the train, he is in hospital, where he is being treated for a severe head injury.


Today, the Director General of Police in Spain, Ignacio Cosidó described Mr Ortega’s death as ‘murder’. He told El Pais: ‘It is clear that there is intent on taking the agent to the railway tracks and throwing him under when a train was approaching.’

His comments came after a ceremony took place to posthomously award Mr Ortega the gold medal of police merit. Officers had lined the streets forming a guard of honour as the police officers coffin was brought to an auditorium from a chapel for the medal ceremony to take place.