While ISIS is recruiting Jihadi Baby Mamas to raise future terrorists, the U.S. is embracing Muslim Brotherhood front groups that are on Arab designated terrorist lists

981e6523f7985458cb70fc5c085e2460Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism says it isn’t just ISIS, it’s our own U.S. government under Obama which has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups like CAIR and the Muslim American Society, allowing them to integrate into our government, the White House, and to meet with officials at the highest levels.

“We’ve embraced Turkey despite the fact that it’s basically been a safe haven for Hamas to carry out attacks against not just friends of ours [like the].. Israelis [but also].. Americans. We’ve embraced Qatar, which is the number one financial supporter of [Islamic] ISIS terrorism. We’ve basically distanced ourselves from countries like Egypt which banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. Just a week before Christmas, the US State Department met with CAIR and MAS to try to stop the designation of those groups as terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates. Yet we refuse to designate them as terrorists groups.”

h/t Mike F