Hundreds of Muslims in Sweden celebrate terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in France shouting, “Islam will take over the world”

Swedish Television has been given access to a Muslim Facebook group with several hundred members who are rejoicing over the Muslim  terrorist attack in Paris that killed 12 editors and staff of a satire magazine.


Friatider (h/t Alain) In the Facebook group, which is a closed group, there were many tributes to the terrorists who murdered 12 people in Paris today. 

“Ask Allah to multiply such attacks and accept siblings involved in such things,” writes one person in the group.

Also on Free Tider’s Facebook page was during the afternoon and evening several Muslims who expressed their delight at the macabre scenes in Paris.  One of them writes that:

“he longs for a genocide of Swedes.” “I hope they come to Sweden o execute half the population,” he writes, among other things, in one of his comments as “gillats” of four other Muslims.

The comments have now been removed from the Free Tider’s Facebook page and during the evening notified to the Security Service.