MUSLIMS around the world celebrate terrorist attack killing 12 in Paris

Did you expect anything different? Muslims are dancing in the streets and passing out candies. 

MEMRI  Participants on jihadi forums and social media praised the attackers, saying that the shooting was a legitimate act of revenge against the weekly for insulting Islam and against France for its crimes against Muslims.


Members of the pro-ISIS forum Jihadi Media Platform ( lashed out at France. A member called Al-Dia’ Al-Gharib wrote:

“France was [once] part of the land of Islam and will return to be the land of Islam, in spite the worshippers of the Cross.”

Another, who goes by the name Muhib Al-Salihin, wrote:

“France is one of the harshest enemies of Islam and of the Islamic State in particular.”

Forum member Abu Al-Qassem Al-Shawqi commented:

“[This] is news that quenches the thirst for revenge. By Allah, beloved ones, let us not think lightly of prayers. By Allah, they [the attackers] are soldiers of Allah.”

And a member calling himself Abu Bakr Al-Zari’ni remarked:

“Congratulations to France and to its people for reaping what their hands sowed. Did these evil cartoonists think that we were a nation that would remain silent in face of those who insult our Prophet…? Did [French President] Hollande and the governments that preceded him think that their interventions and despotism in the lands of the Muslims would not be met with retribution? No, by Allah, from now on the youths of Islam will no longer remain silent, especially since we have a state [ISIS] to mobilize armies if anybody insults the nation of Islam.”





Arabic-speaking jihad supporters also celebrated the attack on Twitter, some using the Arabic hashtag “Paris Is Burning.” Many of them shared videos from the scene of the attack, calling the shooters “heroes” and praising them for avenging the honor of the Prophet and of Islam.

One, who calls himself Najam (@35njm), wrote:

“#Paris Is Burning. Oh Allah slaughter them, Allah attack them. This newspaper insulted the Messenger of Allah and Islam.”

ISIS supporter Hamel Al-Liwa’ (@blue964) tweeted:

“Fear prevails among the newspapers and journalists who hate Islam. There are demands for military protection of the paper headquarters. #Paris is turning into a military barracks.”

Another ISIS supporter, Al-Khilafa Hiya Al-Hal [“the Caliphate is the solution”] (@death4x), shared a video of the attack and commented:

“France turned the lands of the Muslims into battlefields, and now the Muslims have turned Paris into a battlefield. Allah akbar.”

The following are some reactions by French-speaking jihadists on Twitter. ISIS supporter Abou Hafs (@Ansar_Al_Ouma) tweeted:

“Oh Allah, the honor of your prophet has been cleansed.”

Another, Al Furat Wadijlah (@AlFuratWadijlah), commented on the character of the attack:

“An RPG7 with Kalashnikovs, it’s a well prepared assault.” “That dog Charb [Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief and cartoonist Stéphane Charbonnier, who is one of those killed in the attack] was supposed to publish this drawing on the first page this week:”  “Still no terror attacks in France.” The jihadist comments: “Wait! We have until the end of January to give [you] our [new year’s] greetings.”