FRANCE: 30 Survivors of Kosher grocery siege hid in a freezer for 5 hours to keep from being killed by the Muslim terrorists

Survivors of the kosher grocery siege told how 30 cowered together in a shop freezer as gunman Amedy Coulibaly terrorized his hostages. Petrified that they would be discovered and hauled out and executed, they shivered in silence for five hours.


UK Mirror  Father-of-four Johan Dorre, 36, was able to call a friend on his mobile to tell him they were trapped two floors below ground. Then as the siege unfolded he called his uncle.

Jacob Katorza said: “My nephew Johan and the others were terrified that they would be discovered by the terrorists and were forced to huddle together like frightened animals to avoid hypothermia.

“He was shopping for the kosher cakes and meat delicacies which we Jewish people enjoy on the Holy Day when he heard shots being fired above on the ground floor and immediately took cover with other shoppers in the basement.

“Johan was to speak to my brother Haim by phone for only two or three minutes and told him to stay quiet and wait until help arrived. Then we just stood at the barriers for five hours and waited for news. “It was absolutely terrible – the longest five hours of my life.

“We know these people are monsters and would not hesitate to kill Jewish people. “They targeted the supermarket because it was run by Jews.”