PARIS: MUSLIM terrorist Amedy Coulibaly who killed a policewoman & 4 hostages in Kosher market is linked to another shooting of a jogger in a park

Amedy Coulibaly apparently also shot a jogger in the park near his flat. The story comes out a “martyrdom” video emerged apparently showing him pledging allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Amedy Coulibaly, Muslim terrorist
Amedy Coulibaly, Muslim terrorist, now dead

Channel4 (h/t Stephanie) The park is a five minute walk from the flat he lived in with his partner Hayat BoumeddieneChannel 4 News has learnt that detectives believe he came here to practice using his gun before killing a policewoman and then laying siege to a kosher supermarket.

On Wednesday morning, Paris was in chaos. Coulibaly’s associates Cherif and Said Kouachi had carried out a murderous attack on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. They had gone on the run and thousands of police officers were hunting them across the city.


During the confusion, investigators believe Amedy Coulibaly went out to the park. A man was out jogging, when suddenly he was fired upon. He was critically injured but managed to get one of the houses for help. Ballistics tests on shell cases from the park link them to the automatic weapon used at the kosher store.

The couple’s front door is now sealed with police tape, a notice explaining it had been searched during an investigation into “murder and terrorism.” 

A neighbor said the jogger was clearly badly injured and pleaded for help.