DRAWING DEFIANCE: Charlie Hebdo’s next issue WILL mock the Prophet Mohammed again


Charlie Hebdo, the satirical newspaper that was the target of a MUSLIM terrorist attack in Paris last week, plans to feature cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in its next issue, due out this week.

TIME  “We will not give in otherwise all this won’t have meant anything,” Richard Malka, the magazine’s lawyer, said of the decision to print the cartoons, according to the Telegraph. Instead of its usual 60,000 issues, Charlie Hebdo will publish 1 million issues of its upcoming edition.


Last week’s attack left 10 contributors to Charlie Hebdo dead, including senior staff, but Malka says the issue will be released Wednesday as planned. “It’s complicated, because we have to manage the future, the funerals that will take place all this week, but it’s moving forward and will be completed this evening,” he said. “It’s an act of life, of survival.”

The attack was carried out by two brothers linked to Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Days later, a German tabloid that reprinted some of Charlie Hebdo‘s Muhammad cartoons was firebombed, though authorities haven’t established a conclusive link between the attacks.

Cleveland  The daughter of murdered cartoonist Wolinski posted an Instagram photo of her father’s empty studio, taken on the day he died.  The attached caption read, “Dad is gone, not Wolinski.” His voice and those of Cabu, Charb and Tignous live on with their work. Their spirit and bravery can’t be erased by humorless, heartless terrorists with scribbled minds.  


Terror acts by Islamic extremists have blasphemed and disrespected the Prophet Muhammad more than any Charlie Hebdo or Danish cartoon ever have. It’s not surprising Islamic radicals have no sense of humor and are blind to their own hypocrisy by blood lust.

The cartoonists’ inherent right to freely express themselves is as ironclad as their will to continue publishing under hostile threats.