FRENCH school teachers shocked and disgusted at reaction of many Muslim students to Charlie Hebdo massacre


A moment of silence for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre requested by teachers in French schools was met with contempt, provocation, and outrage by many Muslim students in their classrooms.

Fdesouche (via Vlad Tepes h/t Susan K) As the teacher explains: On the morning of January 8th, our minister notified us by email of our duty to explain the values of the Republic.  As teachers, it is our duty to explain the facts to our students, to promote contemplation, to help them understand.


My first exchange was with my 5th grade class of 12-year old students.  They were very quiet, until one who asked me: “Why observe one minute of silence for people I never knew?”

 I summarized the events: human beings were killed.  To ensure the moment of silence would be observed, I told them: “Do you realize the victims left home yesterday morning and said to their family ‘See you later’?” During this moment of silence,a few of the Muslim students lowered their heads, but the majority of them in the class display joy and bravado over the killings.  

In other classrooms, it was a lot worse. During the silent moment,  Muslims kept on talking, saying horrible things, while others were laughing, causing the teachers to throw them out of the class and send them to the principal’s office.


In a 4th grade class, the Muslims students were noisy and agitated. One Muslim girl said:

“Madame”, she says to me, “we will not allow ourselves to be insulted by a drawing of the prophet, it’s normal that we exact revenge.  It is more than a mockery, it is an insult !” Other Muslims nodded in agreement.

When the teacher tried to open a discussion on the principle of freedom and freedom of expression, a  group of four Muslim students became agitated: “Why do they keep on, Madame, since we already had threatened them?” Telling them that Charlie Hebdo mocked all religions had no effect.

There are more accounts from other teachers in other links, which BNI contributor Susan K has summarized and translated below:

 * Moment of silence, from one student to his teacher:  ” I’ll smack you with the ‘kalachnikov (gun)'”

 * In one elementary school of Seine-Saint-Denis, some 80% of Muslim students of one class refused to observe the minute of silence. 

 * On her Facebook page, one teacher tells of her harrowing Thursday and will be requesting a transfer.  Her day started off at 8:00 a.m. with a student greeting “Me, I’m with the killers”… 

 * Paris 3rd year college classroom: “Madame, I refuse to observe a moment of silence for people like that.” While another said: “They deserved it.  You reap what you sow when you provoke.”  

I'll take this JE SUIS CHARLIE
I’ll take this “JE SUIS CHARLIE”