U.S. Marine Corps Veteran says: “Stop appeasing Muslims and exterminate this scum that is plaguing the planet”

Nick Powers, who became a celebrity after he threatened ISIS in a letter last year, told the hosts of Fox & Friends that French law enforcement agencies had been right to act quickly to kill the Muslim terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo.

RawStory  Says Powers, “It just makes the thinks of the past 14 years that we’ve spent fighting Islamic terrorist groups, and how the rules and regulations and political correctness especially have caused us to be tied up,” he opined. “You know, our hands are tied behind our backs, and we’re fighting an organization that has no regard for human life.”  Powers had a message for Islamic radicals: “Keep it up. If you really want to meet your Prophet Muhammad, go for it. You know, there’s plenty of us out there that are willing make that meeting available to you.”