Designated Terrorist Group CAIR reacts to newest Charlie Hebdo cover featuring prophet Mohammed again


“Just as Charlie Hebdo has the right to publish, we have the right to ‘peacefully’ challenge negative portrayals of our religious figures,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. 

CAIR  “The answer to speech one disagrees with should not be violence, but should instead be more speech promoting tolerance and mutual understanding.”


Awad noted that the issue is not about religion, because Islam protects freedom of speech and respectful interactions with others, even when there is disagreement.


While the publication date is Wednesday, a sneak preview of the cover has been released. The preview cover shows what purports to be a weeping Prophet Muhammad holding a sign saying “I Am Charlie” under the headline “All is Forgiven.”


Awad noted that after years of being insulted, defamed, attacked, mistreated, and having his followers tortured and killed by the people of Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad returned victorious to that city and forgave its people, then said, “Go your way, for you are all free.”