OHIO: MUSLIM man shot dead on January 7th by airport police had knives taped to his legs and may have been plotting to hijack a plane

THE MUSLIM fatally shot by police outside an airport had two knives taped to the insides of his legs and his behavior was ‘consistent with someone who intended to hijack an aircraft,’ a detective’s court filing says.


UK Daily Mail  Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed had two ‘lock-blade style’ knives beneath his trousers and tried to buy an airline ticket using a woman’s ID, according to the counterterrorism unit in Columbus, Ohio. 

Further investigation found he had more knives, a gas mask, other masks, computers, cameras and cellphones in his illegally parked SUV, the statement said.  The statement was filed this week as investigators got a search warrant to review data on a cellphone linked to the case. 

Police said airport officers confronted Abdul-Rasheed after he returned to the vehicle outside Port Columbus International Airport on January 7th. They repeatedly fired at him after he kept moving toward one officer with a knife.


The local police union leader said a bomb squad also found containers of frozen urine in the vehicle, an unexplained twist not mentioned in the detective’s court filing.

Abdul-Rasheed, of suburban Columbus tried to kill his mother in 1999, Cuyahoga County court records show. Police responded frequently to disturbances at his apartment in the past year.