PAMELA GELLER’s Atlas Shrugs website is under attack. Please help.


Atlas Shrugs subscribers did not receive their free daily newsletter today because the website has been under a massive DDoS attack. Our Islamic Jew hatred ads in San Francisco have gotten huge national and international press. In addition, our free speech rally this weekend countering the “Stand with the Prophet” anti-free speech.

“Islamophobia” summit in Garland, Texas has roiled the enemies of truth and freedom. They are out for blood.

Activist Pamela Geller to Head Texas Rally for Free Speech and Protest Islamic Conference ……Breibart, January, 15 2015


The DDoS meltdown is huge. There is no end in sight. Please be patient. I am working furiously to move and get back online.The costs associated with the move, the server, the IT expertise are staggering. I need your help. If you believe that Atlas Shrugs must survive, contribute here.

The website reaches close to 100,000 readers a day.

We need to get the message out and cover the news the media won’t cover. Especially now when the jihad is raging.

Pamela needs your help to continue the work.

The above banner is the new look created for Pamela Geller’s, Atlas Shrugs.