Meet the radical Islamic professor at the center of the Muslim Call to Prayer uproar at Duke University

1511113_855361601193354_4557398532867091117_nIt all started when a University alumnus made a $3 million dollar donation to fund the position of Director of Islamic Studies at Duke University. Bettye Martin Musham, who gifted the Islamic Studies Center with the vast sum of money, said that she was convinced that it was the right thing to do after hearing a lecture on the meaning of jihad. Musham said that she and her husband would later become “hooked with the importance of Islam.”

After widespread condemnation by Christian leaders and university donors, Duke quickly reversed its ill-advised decision to blast the Muslim Call to Prayer from the loudspeakers of the university Cathedral every Friday afternoon.

150115e Franklin Graham

Breitbart  Dr. Omid Safi was appointed to run Islamic Studies at Duke University in July of 2014. He has been the point of contact for several media outlets, including the New York TimesWashington Post, and Huffington Post, in response to Duke University reversing its decision to broadcast Muslim prayers from Duke Chapel.

Following Duke’s retraction of allowing for Islamic prayer to be amplified from the school’s chapel, Safi took to Twitter to express his discontent. “Saddened that external threats on our community detracts us from celebrating Muslims & Christians living together, honoring each other,” Safi tweeted.


Why Safi did not include Jews in his tweet remains unknown–especially considering the fact that Duke has a well-populated Jewish presence on campus. However, Safi’s past statements may shed light onto why he chose to forgo mentioning the religion.

The Duke Islamic leader has time and time again expressed radical ideals through his social media accounts, news articles, and television appearances. Dr. Safi has frequently described the worldwide Muslim community as one that is “oppressed” and “marginalized,” and excused the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo massacre as victims of political grievances. He also excused Palestinian terror group Hamas of any wrongdoing, but has in the recent past described Israel as a “terror state” and decried the Israeli Prime Minister and U.S. President Barack Obama as war criminals.


After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, which was carried out by Muslim radicals, Safi wrote in a column on the tragedy that people should not jump to conclusion and make a moral judgement on either the victims or the jihadist perpetrators.

He wrote: “I try to resist the urge to turn the victims into saintly beings, or the shooters into embodiments of evil.” Although the shooters yelled that they were “avenging the Prophet Muhammad,”  Safi implored readers, “In this case, as much as in the case of the 9/11 hijackers, it might be good to look more at the political grievances of the shooters than into the inspiration of some idealized model of Islam.”

“I question what it means when satire… is directed at marginalized and oppressed communities the way that Muslims in France unquestionably are today,” Safi said in a recent Al Jazeera appearance. He was then twice asked why other religious communities do not react as harshly to their religious leaders when mocked. On both occasions, he “took issue” with the premise of the question and refused to give an answer.


Dr. Safi’s faulty scholarship has been well documented. He has in the past written articles about a supposed Zionist massacre of an Arab village, while using a misleading photograph in the piece that in reality showed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Religion News Service eventually took down the article after they found that his piece did not meet its “editorial standards.” The Brandeis Center said in a statement at the time: “This misuse of this Holocaust image illustrates the concept of ‘Holocaust inversion,’ which is used to describe the practice of Jews, Zionists, or Israelis of behaving like Nazis or having culpability for Holocaust-like crimes.”

Several of Dr. Safi’s Facebook posts have revealed him as an anti-Israel radical and an apologist for the Palestinian Hamas terror group. He has in the recent past described Israel as a terror state and has also pleaded with his followers to support the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions) movement.


In a September post, Safi angrily described Henry Kissinger as someone who needs a “refresher course” in world history. Safi said that Kissinger describing Iran as a bigger threat than ISIS was “fear-mongering” and “war-mongering.”

In a July 12 post, Safi equated the Israel Defense Forces with al Qaeda and the Taliban. “Let’s call it what it is: State sponsored terrorism. State sponsored murder,” he wrote of the Israeli government.

On July 23, Safi invoked Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was a strong supporter of the State of Israel) in order to demonize the Jewish State.

On August 2, he wrote that Senator John McCain was a “morally bankrupt vomitous excuse for a politician” after the Senator pledged to fund Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

In an August 6 post, he accused both Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama of being “guilty of war crimes.” A day later, he wrote that Palestinian “resistance… should inspire all committed to peace and justice.”

After Israel’s war with Hamas, Safi on several occasions equated the Ferguson riots with the Palestinians in Gaza. “Struggle continues here, there, everywhere,” he wrote on Facebook.


Not once in Safi’s several Facebook rants did he condemn the Hamas terror group that rules the Gaza Strip and initiated the 50-day war with Israel. Not once did he prove that Israel had ever purposely targeted a civilian during its war with Hamas. Not once did he condemn Hamas for its various wrongdoings, such as using UN facilities for rocket storage, using human shields as cover to launch attacks, planning the mass slaughter of a Jewish community, or executing civilians that protested their rule.

Duke employs as its Islamic Studies Center director a man who has in his recent past called world leaders “war criminals,” supported anti-Semitic hate groups, and excused Islamic terrorism as a means of “resistance.” He remains, however, the undeterred leader of the Islamic Studies program at a school with 15,000 of America’s brightest students.





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  1. Frankly, the good professor himself is nothing more than a vomitous excuse of an academic; he lacks the intellectual and moral integrity to be a university professor. This piece of malodorous Devil’s excreta uses his teaching position not to teach but to indoctrinate his students with a vile, odious, hatred of the West and all that made far greater than the backward, barbarous, murderous corner of the world he originated from.

    Duke University should reel in shame that such a one teaches at their once prestigious institution!

  2. America has CAIR,Britain has the Muslim Council Of Britain. Separate heads of the same Hydra. Tony Blair and gang give these scoundrels almost unlimited power and authority in Britain. Cameron told the muslim council to work harder to route out extremists from the mosques. The Council said he was being islamophobic and saying that he was saying muslims weren’t British.
    Once again turning any instance and call for “responsible behavior” into the VICTIM card. The thing is people are (very,very)slowly getting sick of these paki vermin!!!

  3. All other religions are prohbited from displaying religous symbols outside their houses of worship, but not Islam. Their call to pray sure is a symbol, and in the worst way. What esle would you call it? Tarzan calling?

  4. “Bettye Martin Musham, who gifted the Islamic Studies Center with the vast sum of money, said that she was convinced that it was the right thing to do after hearing a lecture on the meaning of jihad.”

    Lady, you are out of your mind. A lot of good could have been done with your vast gift. Instead, you wasted your money on a crackpot cult.

  5. “muslims and Christians living together, honouring each other…….”, honestly, sometimes I wonder if muslims can utter a single sentence without lying.

    But once again, as bad as muslims are, those of ‘our’ people who appease and enable them are worse, and in this case I refer of course to the university blockheads who hired this mudslime, FGS they are supposed to be smart!

  6. Hey Bonni,
    Patriot girl here.. Calling the police in London for something to do with the “Asian” problem is like whistling in the wind… They don’t even have the backbone to persecute all the sex grooming pedophile pakis let alone answer a call about discrimination.. Only if your asian and have a beef with a white Brit do they show up in squad cars.. The most ineffective policing.. No guns.. No protection and they’re loosing the battle the fact that the whole of east London is east londonistan complete with no go sections of marauding MUZZIES beating up , harassing any white woman man or child who is stupid enough yo wander thru.. It is revolting.. I watched our neighborhood go from lovely to squalid in 5 short years…there is no hope for British unless they start yo really speak out! But they arrest people there now for face book comments that disparage MUZZIES! Yup, arrest n charge for hate speech so UK is doomed if obola has his way we’re next re free speech! Gawd what a fucking mess!!!

  7. The dumb muzzies dont even realize that her last name ends in “ham”. But, as long as they get the money they dont care

  8. Duke’s reversal was hardly 180 degree turn of events. via: CharlotteObserver :
    Members of the Muslim community will now gather on the quadrangle outside the chapel before moving to its regular location for prayers, Duke said.
    Here is a birds eye view of an image of the quadrangle outside the chapel at Duke Cathedral
    This is a provocation since ‘members of the Muslim community” insist on gathering in front of the chapel BEFORE moving to their REGULAR location for prayers.
    Now, where would said ‘regular location’ be?
    “Jummah prayers have taken place in the basement of Duke Chapel for many years, and start with the traditional call to prayer chant. Members of the Muslim community will now gather for the call-to-prayer chant on the quadrangle outside the Chapel, a site of frequent interfaith programs and activities, before moving to its regular location for prayers. More than 700 of Duke’s 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students identify as Muslim.
    “Our Muslim community enriches the university in countless ways,” said Schoenfeld. “We welcome the active expression of their faith tradition, and all others, in ways that are meaningful and visible.” excerpted from DukeTODAY, posted 1/15/2015

    Quoting from Breitbart’s post:

    ““Saddened that external threats on our community detracts us from celebrating Muslims & Christians living together, honoring each other,” Safi tweeted.

    Oh, sure, denial of amplification of call to prayer detracts followers from ‘celebrating’ how Muslims dominate Christians and non-believers forced to lived together. Honor…how’s that?
    About those ‘prayers’ :
    The Fatiha (Opening) is the first sura (chapter) of the Qur’an and most common prayer of Islam. A pious Muslim who prays the five requisite daily prayers of Islam will recite the Fatiha seventeen times in the course of those prayers.

    From Wafa Sultan’s book “A God Who Hates” pg. 168:
    *****“A Muslim prays five times a day, and on each occasion he recites the Fatiha, the first verse of the Koran, a number of times. This verse describes Christians as “those who have gone astray” and Jews as “those who have incurred Your wrath.” We see from this that Muslims ‘execrate’ Christians and Jews a number of times in the course of a single prayer, which they repeat five times a day.”*****

    ‘execrate’ – an enlightening term . . .let’s explore, shall we? via

    execrate – verb

    1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.

    2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce: He execrated all who opposed him.

    How gracious and tolerant and generous as well as utterly unfathomably ignorant for Duke chapel to provide ANY space at all for these incredibly insulting Islamic prayer sessions.
    In any situation where the fatiha is recited, there is absolutely no interest in building bridges or extending tolerance. They are however fully intent on gaining exceptional degrees of tolerance from all non-believers. When it comes to Islam, tolerance is a one way street. Believe it or else.

  9. at a school with 15,000 of America’s brightest students ? BullShit a school with 15,000 thousand pampered socialist … I will match my seven years of formal basic education and more than half a century of hard knocks with anyone of their brightest teachers push comes to shove educated duke will end up pressed duck in my world

  10. Safi, “As much as in the 9/11 hijackers, look at the political grievances of the shooters.”
    “I question when satire… is directed at marginalized and oppressed communities the way that Muslims in France unquestionably are today,” Safi said.

    Safi is referring to the extreme UNDESERVED KINDNESS the French government bestow on the millions of muslims they colonised France with: Free homes, free money, free everything. Safi describes these wonderful gifts as oppression.

    Muslims responded to Infidel generosity and undeserved kindness by creating over 700 hundred no go muslim zones all over France too dangerous for non-muslims to enter.

    Muslims eager to thank French Infidels for their goodness and free gifts destroy by burning, approximately one thousand French Infidel cars every New Year.

  11. Muzzles are vey deceptive and persistant. Just because they didn’t get their Satanic call to blaspheme broadcast this time, they’ll just keep on whining and crying Islamophobia until the Duke Administration gives in. This ‘blue devil iman’ sounds like a racist troublemaker to me.

  12. FILTH. A muslim call to prayer from the university cathedral monstrously defiles the holy place. And spits on Jesus sacrifice for our sins on the cross.

    To allow even one mosque in any non-muslim country REWARDS and APPROVES of muslims burning down our churches, mass murdering Christians, forced conversions, beheadings, gang rapes, satanic atrocities and the capturing and taking of Yazidi and Christian girls for sex slaves in Iraq, and in Britain, Sudan, Nigeria and other countries.

    End the evil cooperation with the Muslim War Against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Atheists, et al


  13. People would be well served if they observed that “islam” is not a religion in every sense of understanding known about any other religion in the world – in all of the time in the world….
    “Islam” is a political structure and a legal structure – it is categorically NOT a religion though that is the claim by it’s adherents.

    Show me one religion in all of time that demands and requires anyone who opposes it or denounces it be killed.

    Just one.

  14. I doubt this is the end of the Chapel spire as minaret at Duke. Thank you for doing this research! I have been coring the news and the all the articles are bare bones, mostly inferring that muslim haters threatened violence. No mention of the DONORS who probably called and started pulling their money.

  15. Bettye Martin Musham = prime example of ‘more money than brains’. You can be sure Saudi money is also in the mix. Saudi money is being used to infiltrate all levels of the USA educational system with Islam

  16. Two things: First, everyone, most importantly the Duke supporters, should write to Duke and demand that Safi be ejected from the Duke staff, and any Muslim Student groups be disallowed any venue to influence the other students. Secondly, it seems likely that Safi is funding terrorism – there should be an investigation into that aspect and, if confirmed, Safi should be prosecuted.

  17. Isn’t it interesting the way that Muslims migrate from all over the Middle East and other parts of the globe to Western Countries in order to complain about being “marginalized” by their host countries? Couldn’t they just as easily be “marginalized” in their own countries? In France, the UK, and the USA (to a lessor extent) they are allowed to collect welfare while they enjoy their “marginalization”. It must be hard to hold down a job and pray five times a day.

  18. What a despicable and traitorous attempt to help spread the forces of evil!!

    This shows what I have believed all along, that Arab oil money bribery has made a large contribution to the government and media insanity that we see all around us.

    An example of how these huge sums of money are being used to further the destruction of Western civilisation: In my area, as in all over the country, Muslims are economically not the the brightest card in the pack, to put it mildly; most of them have no work skills, or have no wish to work at all, preferring that we subsidise them with all their illegal wives and many bastard inbred children. so, it’s fair to say that they haven’t got all that much money to throw around.

    A mosque was built in our area a few years ago, a huge monstrosity of out- of- place Arabic architecture that towers over our Civic Centre, and a minaret that actually contravenes planning regulations ( I know because I’ve checked ). The clear message of this mosquerositry is of Islamic supremacy over us native Brits.

    Now if this mosque had been funded by our local pathetic Muslim low-life, it would have been no better than a rather small poor quality garden shed, but this supremacist enemy outpost clearly must have cost many millions of pounds, obviously funded by the medi-Evil sand-rats. Planning permission alone must have cost a lot in order to oil ( !) the palms of quite a few council officials.

    I regard Islam as the greatest disaster in the history of humanity, but surely the second greatest disaster is that these stone-age savages have been given untold wealth from oil reserves that they are using to the utmost to spread their barbaric death-cult all over the world.

    As money talks so well, why don’t we here in the West pool our financial resources to bribe all these Muslim enemies of civilisation and integration to fuck off back to their Islamic hell-holes and leave us in peace to get on with our lives free of violence, intimidation, terror, rape, paedophilia, crime, rioting, whining, whinging, smearing, violence. persecution, murder, beheading, parasitism, ludicrously unfounded supremacism, anti-semitism, anti-Christianity. etc etc etc.

    If this plan was to be put into operation, I believe it would be the biggest fund-raiser in history.

    Who’re you gonna call?? Yes, we could call the project Scum-Busters.

    I’ll start the ball rolling with £500.


    • Right your are Mussolini! Spot on! These lazy stupid benefit grubbing people couldn’t raise money to build an outhouse! Of course the money comes from Saudi arabia, etc etc. Vile despicable countries.. They plot against us but then run under the cover of the military might of usa n UK! Hypocrites and murderers! Having lived in London from 2009 to recently we watched with disbelief at the demise of such a once great capital!!! I was there in the 80’s and it was LOVELY.. Wonderful makes me cry to think how scummy it’s gotten now, but I digress, my point is that it was already a sinking ship when my spouse and I got there.. East London already had the no go zones, they started to uncover the sex grooming in 2010 I think and every year we were there more and more MUZRATTS walked the streets invading every nice neighborhood.. Council housing chocked full of the savages but hardly a white family amoung them.. The muslimas would prodly walk on the side walk pushing a 600 £ baby buggy with a gaggle of kiddie MUZZIES following her and she would be visibly pregnant with one on the way! This is the norm folks! The norm in UK! They lay around all day in free housing, pro creating on a regular basis, then being offended by everything and most especially the average working Brit who is subsidizing their lifestyle off his back!! Shameful! We lived in Pimlico which used to be very nice.. True story: I had to go to the local tesco and to get there wade thru the MUZZIES who stand around all day at the betting store smoking ciggies drinking tea sexually harassing the white school girls.. You know the usual disgusting behaviour!

      It was the middle of January freezing cold so I was wearing a hoodie under my puffer jacket .. As I walked into the store the paki assistant followed me then brazenly hold me I had to pull my hood down because it was a new rule as robbery was running rampant (by u guessed it the Asian population) I was so startled I said your kidding right?! I mean I was 50 at the time.. Well dressed well spoken hardly a thug threat..and he was serious.. Now in the very store at that moment were 3 muslimas COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE WITH JUST THEIR EYES SHOWING! So I said well what about them?! Pointing to the muslimas..Why don’t they have to pull off that head gear?! And he said “well that’s different’ and I just kept asking him why were the two things different he had no answer so I stormed out of that store never to return and we began making arraignments to come back home shortly there after. That is a true tale and it happens every day in UK and is happening here now! God help all our UK friends vote u kip it’s your only chance! God help u if labour get in!!

      • Patriot……I feel your anger,as I should,I know exactly where you are coming from.Nearly all the corner shops/small convenience stores are owned/run by sand rats,the taxi firms,all run/owned by sand rats.Britain is over run with muslims,all with their hands out,grasping for social security payments,free housing,as they say”everything free!”. My Aunt,who is 87yrs old was overpaid £5 in her pension once and she was hounded until she had paid it back to the government! The craven cowards who run this country and our local councillors are all to blame,ignoring the child grooming going on for fear of offending the sand rats.Enough! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,if the government won’t protect it’s own people there will come a time when the people will take their country back,it will happen.After the Charlie Hebdo events,on a house nearby where I live,someone had sprayed “Viva Lee Rigby”. We are out there,not just in England,but all over the world,and I’m afraid we have chilling times to come,but we are many and we will be strong.If I could leave here I would,personal circumstances don’t allow me to,(husband’s health)but England is slithering along like a whupped puppy to the satanists.

    • Do some digging and discover who owns the majority share of the Fox network…… and then you fully understand that while Fox is the only media outlet that tells the truth about what’s going on in the world…. they seriously limit what truths they tell. The very real evidence of treason here in the US has yet to be spoken by anyone in broadcast media…… Here or overseas. And if you factor in where Mr Obama grew up, who his birth father was, who his step father was – and their “religion” – it makes sense why they never touch the truth of the topic.

      They are not allowed to.

  19. quote: …..or the shooters into embodiments of evil.”

    Actually the muSlime is correct.

    Killing anybody who is deemed as an ENEMY of allah CAN NOT be considered EVIL, after all stoned-gawd allah ORDERED it.
    (like in Sure 5:33.)

    And this is why muSlimes like him can NOT condemn the actions of other Muslims, as also “SK” observed.

    I too realized that while the “religion” of Islam plays a certain role one needs to shift the focus to the ISLAMIC LAWS, and politics, YES ISLAMIC POLITICS should be accepted as what they are, to IMPLEMENT Islamic LAWS and establish the kill_all_kafir_ate (Caliphate) as the sole political entity on the earth…

  20. What is wrong with reviling religions?
    Mohammed did it, so it must be all right. His contemporaries complained that he
    “has reviled our gods, denounced our religion, derided our traditional values and told us that our forefathers were misguided.”
    (Al Tabari)
    Mohammed provides the “beautiful pattern [of conduct] to follow” (Koran 33:21)

  21. muslims are not allowed to criticize other muslims that is obuumer .Ring the church bells in any islamic shithole and see what happens the tolerant peace loving people will probably come and give you a hand possibly your right or left one.How do these people get or keep the positions they have Benedict Arnold was a true patriot compared to this grub

  22. Welcome to united muslim states of America. Formerly USA. Where we presently have 20+ muslim terrorist training camp in our country. Everything appears to be gearing up by You know Who for a civil war, martial law and a takeover.

  23. WAKE up America!!! Every ‘little’ concession you make to these evil Muckslime turds brings your country closer to the fulfillment of their agendas and you stand to lose every freedom you have now. Get rid of Obama NOW and get a good, strong right wing government in power.

    • Not just the USA or UK but everywhere the muslims infest as the old saying that is very applicable to muslims and supported by their useful idiots “give an inch and they will take a mile” We need leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt not cameron and obama and we need them NOW