DENMARK: Police on highest (Islamic terrorism) threat level yet

newPic_530_jpg_489065xNo parent wishes that their children should grow up in a world where they pass armed soldiers on their way to school, but this just became the new reality in France and Belgium. With the current threat level, which is increasing almost daily, this might very well become the “new normal” in many countries throughout the West.


Translated from JP: (10 News)

“Last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, where 17 people were killed, and this week’s anti-terrorist sweeps in Belgium against a bunch of terrorists who had grandiose and imminent plans to kill police officers on the street, has made the Danish police increase its threat level.


In Belgium, the security level was raised from two to three on a scale of four. Denmark has a similar scale, where the police have now raised the national threat level to step two on a scale with five levels. (Only to two?)

Muslims around the world threaten to cut off the head of Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist behind a picture of Mohammed with an exploding bomb on his head
Muslims around the world threaten to cut off head of Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist behind the Mohammed with  bomb on his head cartoon

Police have thus raised alert level from step one, called “daily preparedness”, to step two, which is called “slightly elevated preparedness,” says Allan Nyring, police inspector at the National Response Center in the National Police.

“This is the first time ever that we go to this level of preparedness.”