DUTCH DHIMMIS humiliate teacher by forcing him to apologize to every Muslim student in the school for putting up a Charlie Hebdo poster

The Administration of the Dutch high-school “Kennemer College” in Heemskerk has banned a Charlie Hebdo poster of a Muslim man kissing a cartoonist that was put on the wall by one of its teachers. This was done after Muslim students complained about the poster.


10 News  “They responded very emotionally to the poster and considered it offensive to Muslims. We are talking about children aged between 12 and 15 years old, who are attending vocational training and don’t understand the French text (l’amour plus fort que la haine – love is stronger than hate). But not all parents are pleased with the measures taken by the school’s management and have complained to the school.

“After what happened in Paris, this is the world turned upside down. A teacher has to go to all classrooms to apologize because students of Moroccan and Turkish descent complain about a magazine that has always put the freedom of speech center stage”, some mothers point out.

School principal Lemstra however, thinks that the decision to remove the poster was the right thing to do.“The school board has sent the following letter of apology to all parents:

‘Dear Parents,

To our regret a teacher today put a poster on the wall that was offensive and does not match with our school’s policy. After a number of Muslim students complained about the poster, the school’s management immediately intervened and removed the poster. The teacher that put the poster up has been reprimanded.

In addition, our team leader went to all classrooms to make clear that a grave mistake has been made by the teacher and that the school board wishes to apologizes to everybody. The teacher expressed his deep regret and said that he did not intend to hurt anybody. All he wanted was to demonstrate his solidarity with victims of the Paris attacks.

Kind regards,
Marleen Lemstra
School Principal Kennemer College”