“Islam Must Die,” says graffiti on wall of University of Birmingham in the UK

Police are investigating after shocking anti-Muslim graffiti of a swastika and the words “Islam must die” were sprayed onto a building at the University of Birmingham building and has now been removed.


Birmingham Mail  In a blog post for publication Redbrick, 2nd year English student Hannah Sharron said the Nazi graffiti would offend both Muslim and Jewish students. (NO, it wouldn’t, Hannah, most Jewish students know that Hitler had close ties with the Grand Mufti who sent in thousands of Muslim troops to assist Hitler with the Final Solution)

Hannah said: “I can’t believe that this has happened at our university, a place where we are supposed to be celebrating diversity. “It’s heartbreaking.” (What an ignorant Jew you are, Hannah, there is no such thing as celebrating diversity when muslims are part of the mix)

Hannah Myerson, a third year Jewish student studying English said: “As a Jewish student, I find it deeply disturbing that the rising antisemitism in Europe has reached our campus. (Look around, Hannah, ALL the antisemitism in Europe now is the direct result of Muslim immigration)

Fiyaz Mughal from the ‘Islamophobia’-obsessed organization ‘TELL MAMA’ said: “This is appalling, where someone has the guts and ‘chutzpah’ (Chutzpah? That’s a Jewish word, raghead, you’re not allowed to use it) to place such a statement inferring that Islam must die on a university campus that has lots of Muslim students. If that is the case, one can easily infer that this person wants Muslims to be killed and was trying to put themselves outside of hate speech.

Birmingham? Birmingham? Now, where have we heard about Birmingham lately? Oh, now I remember: