As Germany tries to stop its rapidly growing anti-Islamization PEGIDA rallies, new PEGIDA movements are spreading throughout Europe


The PEGIDA anti-Islamization movement has announced a plan for a demonstration in SWITZERLAND on Feb. 16, 2015.

Resistance Republicaine (translation)  Already a presence on social networks for some time, the Swiss version of the German anti-Islam movement has gone from virtual to real. An association was created on Friday in Zurich, reports SonntagsZeitung. The first event will take place on February 16 at a location to be determined, according to its organizers who remain anonymous.


PEGIDA Switzerland? According to the statutes circulating on the Internet, its goals are primarily identity. This is to “fight against radicalism, it is political or religious” to “resist against the violent and misogynist ideologies but not against integrated Muslims living here.” The association also wants to “implement the SVP initiative against mass immigration”, “protect our Judeo-Christian culture”, “burka ban” or “refuse imams schools.”

Controversial in Germany, PEGIDA Switzerland, already has the support of the National Councillor Walter Wobmann (UDC / SO), member of the Committee Egerkingen who launched the initiative against minarets, or the President of the Young SVP. The identity and number of members of the new association, however, has not been made public as yet.

PEGIDA SPAIN has also been born. No date yet announced  for its first demonstration but will let you know when there is one.

Here’s a listed Facebook page: PEGIDA ESPANA