HEY FRANCE, so, where is all your ‘Je Suis Charlie’ solidarity now?

French play about the Islamic punishment of stoning people to death, especially women, has been cancelled for fear of provoking violence against the actors and producers by those ‘Religion of Peace’ followers.


BCF (h/t Susan K)  Following the recent massacre of 12 Charlie Hebdo staffers by Muslim terrorists in Paris, Claude Telliez of Black Eagle Productions says, “We must show that we are so afraid, we will not risk offending Muslims by criticizing Islamic savagery and barbarism. Even the poster (above) can be seen as a provocation. ” 

Still, the discontent is palpable among the actors, but not only them. “People in the street are afraid. Everyone proclaims loudly “I am Charlie,” but when it comes time to put up or shut up, they fold like a cheap suit,”  says the actress Nathalie Pfeiffer, from of Bourg-en-Lavaux.

Where is Charlie? Charlie took a bullet in the head courtesy the Religion of Peace. The ‘Je Suis Charlie’ march by the alleged leaders of the free world was nothing more than an obscene dog and pony show.

TRANSLATION: "Where is Charie, now?"
TRANSLATION: “Where is Charie, now?”