Designated terrorist group CAIR thinks basketball fans chanting “USA” is a “racial” slur against Muslims

Fans at basketball games are sometimes rowdy. But it seems when a Tokay High School Pakistani Muslim player touched the ball or shot free throws, St. Mary’s students were led in chants of “USA, USA, USA.” Muslims and some leftists felt that was “racist.” (Really? What “race” is Islam?)

FOX40  NEW JERSEY – Some felt that was over the line. The player is senior Kashif Afzal, a Muslim. Most thought the chants of ‘USA USA’ were an expression of patriotism, until they figured out that it was directed at the Pakistani import Afzal when he shot free throws.

After the game he tweeted “St. Mary’s fans when I was at the line USA, USA, USA. That’s the coldest thing I’ve ever witnessed and has happen to me.” (Yes, how dare these filthy kuffar insult my Islamic heritage?)

Reportedly around 200 students in the visiting school bleacher section joined in. On the face of it, the chants didn’t seem objectionable except for the fact that they were targeted at the Muslim player. “I honestly don’t think you could say it was meant to be patriotic; for that person it was a little more meaningful, a little more hurtful,” Eric Sandstrom, principal, said.

(Because chanting USA is an insult to all Muslim supremacists whose only loyalty is to Islam, never the USA, Allah forbid)