INDIA: Outraged (when are they not?) Muslim savages riot in the streets over Charlie Hebdo cartoons

f2fd15f9-2505-44c6-a779-4ccdb5f73828wallpaper1After a Muslim politician praised the jihadists for the Charlie Hebdo massacre, all hell broke loose.. Haji Yakub Qureshi (photo right), a former minister in Uttar Pradesh, was quoted as saying “those who insulted the Prophet Muhammad deserve death.”

BBC  The Hindustan Times quoted Mr Qureshi, who belongs to the regional Bahujan Samaj Party, as saying that those who lampooned the Prophet “invite death”. “Those who dare insult Prophet Muhammad deserve death and there is no need to initiate legal procedure against them,” he said. The paper further reported that he offered a reward of 500m rupees ($8m) to the gunmen. He had made similar comments about the Danish cartoonist whose lampooning of Muhammad caused controversy in 2006.