Bet you thought something didn’t smell right about the “Muslim hero” who allegedly saved several Jews in a Kosher store during Muslim terrorist attack

Once again, the media fabricates a hero where there actually wasn’t one.


GalliaWatch (h/t The Opinionator) In the Kosher market stand-off in Paris,  where four hostages lost their lives on January 9,  Lassana Bathily, a young Muslim immigrant from Mali who worked in the market, was hailed as a hero for having helped a group of surviving hostages to find refuge in the refrigerated room downstairs.

It was said that he had led them down to the room, then turned off the lights and the cold, thus saving them from certain death at the hands of Ahmédy Coulibaly, who had already killed at least five people including a policewoman in Montrouge. 

0003S70A9GKISH3X-C116-F4In a post dated January 11, some people were questioning the near instantaneous designation of the man as a hero. Now an audio recording of a discussion on Radio Courtoisie, a radio station headed by Henry de Lesquen, describes how the media fabricated a hero, out of a desperate need to justify massive Muslim immigration and to show there are “good” Muslims. Lesquen here leads the conversation:


I would like to begin, since it’s a headline story, with what they call the “making of a hero” – Lassana Bathily. Bathily is the national hero – and now he’s a French citizen, after French politicians fell all over themselves to to quickly naturalize him after the massacre.


Lassana Bathiliy has one thing in common with the terrorist Amedy Coulibaly, he’s Malian and Muslim. OK. I read the facts in the newspaper and I saw at once a discrepancy between the the label of “hero” attributed to him and what actually happened. Now, what happened? 

The market was attacked by the terrorist Coulibaly. Lassana was in the basement and he saw some customers rushing downstairs, desperately fleeing the terrorist. So he took refuge with them, in the cold room. He closed the door; naturally, he cut off the refrigeration so as not to die from the cold. After a few minutes he said that they could escape through the freight elevator.

He didn’t convince them, who feared the noise of the elevator would alert the terrorist.


So the others stayed in the cold room. He was the only one to get out, and in a few minutes he was gone from the scene. So, he had the presence of mind to cut off the refrigeration, he did the right thing, but I don’t see how that makes him a hero.

He’s considered a hero, the media everywhere says he’s a hero, but in fact he’s only an escapee, like the others, but I don’t see what he did that was heroic. We also see, in the media, that he was a practicing Muslim, familiar with the refrigeration room, since it was there that he said his daily prayers five times a day! I don’t see how he could say his daily prayers in zero degree temperature. Frankly, it’s nonsense.

So we obviously have the fabrication of a hero – who no doubt is worthy of some praise. But he was no different than the others who fled, except he knew how to hide himself. He performed no heroic deed, he did what he was able to do.


So we have a propaganda maneuver the goal of which is obvious – they want to say: “There are bad guys like Coulibaly, there are nice guys like Bathily, all Malians, all Muslims, and Bathily is a pure Muslim, so pure in fact that he prays inside a refrigerator… it’s ridiculous, farcical… Here we catch the media in the act of fabricating false pro-immigration values.


I think there is a profound reason for all of that. It’s that the government is trying at all costs to distinguish terrorist acts that they are obviously forced to combat, from an out of control Muslim immigration policy that they have encouraged for forty years, whoever was in power, left or right.


So they must separate the terrorist aspects from the immigration aspects, even though they are obviously connected, because if it were it not for this immigration there wouldn’t be terrorist attacks of this magnitude. We have a government that is a bit like a doctor. Imagine that you have an extremely serious illness, that appears in the form of skin eruptions like pimples. They tell you they will take care of the pimples, but the illness itself is not serious, it’s nothing at all.

The serious illness that we have is the presence of a community that does not share our values, that doesn’t like us and that doesn’t have the same destiny as we do. The pimples are the terrorist acts that appear from time to time and that are the tip of the iceberg. So we fight terrorism of course, and at the same time we keep alive the lie about massive Muslim immigration, about the heros that we manufacture.



Surely, there will be others – if only with regard to the Liberation, and all that has been built up around the Indigènes – it’s a joke. To hear them you would think that it was practically the immigrants that liberated us – a total historical lie.

First of all, the Army of Africa was composed to a great extent, of pieds noirs(i.e., Europeans living in North Africa, Algeria in particular). And then the bulk of the forces were the American Army. If there’s a boulevard Patton in Saint-Tropez, it’s not for nothing.

Note: Les Indigènes de la République is a revanchist movement of North Africans seeking revenge on France, through the revision of history and the distortion of the facts about the role of North Africans in WWII.  Les Indigènes is also a 2006 movie in which it is claimed that North Africans made up the bulk of the Army of Liberation.